5 Gratitude Journaling Apps to Improve Mental Health While Writing Your Thanks


Gratitude journaling is a popular practice for maintaining a positive mental state and being happy. The idea is to write about things you’re grateful for, which makes you re-examine your daily life with a sense of positivity. It reduces social comparisons and improves self-esteem.

These apps and tools will help you get into the habit of keeping a gratitude journal that will improve your mental well-being. The list is a mix of online websites, phone apps, and productivity tool templates like Notion, all with one common goal: gratitude.

1. genius of gratitude (Android, iOS): Bot for gratitude messages and self-help habits

Gratitude Genie is a phone app for digitally journaling what you are grateful for. The main differentiator is Gratina, a bot that prompts you to write gratitude messages as if you were chatting in a messaging app.

Gratina will log in everyday with a casual message at a scheduled time, with a question about what you’re grateful for. It’s like a messaging interface, where you chat in response. Then, when you like what you’ve written and want to save it for later, you can add it to your journal. You can also get more prompts by tapping the Gratina bot icon at any time.

Gratitude Genie wants to help you feel grateful and make it a habit. To that end, it maintains multiple calendar sequences for journaling, exercise, and meditation. The app also has a self-help corner where you can watch videos or read articles about the benefits of gratitude journaling and other best practices.


To download: Gratitude Genie for android | iOS (Free)

2. Delicious (Android, iOS): Easiest Gratitude Journal with Prompts

If all you want is a beautiful app that regularly reminds you to fill in your gratitude journal, Delightful will have you covered. This is a no-frills, free and ad-free app to chronicle your thanks.

Every day, Delightful will remind you to write down three things you appreciate in your life. Each of the entries includes a prompt, which changes daily, giving you three new things to be grateful for daily. You can review your entries as a post feed or by tapping the timeline entry (which also displays your streak). Along with all this you get a daily motivational quote to get into a positive mindset.

Delightful is one of the few apps that lets you fully export all of your entries as a simple CSV file so you’re not tied to the app. It’s a small but essential feature, considering that you write your innermost thoughts in the app and you may want to keep it forever.

To download: Delicious for android | iOS (Free)

3. Email Notepad (Web): Write a Gratitude Journal from Your Inbox

Reply to Email Notebook to maintain your gratitude journal while writing emails

Gratitude journaling should be cultivated as a daily habit or something you do several times a week. Developer Karl Keefer was lax about checking his logging apps, but found himself responding to emails without fail. So he created Email Notebook as a web application to write gratitude journal via email.

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you can set a schedule for the days and times you want Email Notebook to prompt you. These gratitude prompts are nudges to get your mind thinking about what you’re grateful for right now, which is often all you need to keep your journaling habit going. Reply to the email and it will be added to your notebook in the web app.

You can also write directly in the web application, where you can also check old entries. Each entry has a title (where you can add the prompt of the day) and a body (where you can respond to the prompt).

Keefer also protects your privacy. The site explicitly states that it will not read your notes, share your email address or content with third-party tools, and will not use third-party tracking tools. It’s a simple system that may work best for those who want to respond to emails as a journaling system.

4. Gratitude Diary Concept (Web): Free 30-Day Gratitude Challenge Template

Pronotion's Free Notion Gratitude Journal Template includes a 30-day habit-forming gratitude journaling challenge, along with daily prompts.

The Notion productivity app has great free and paid templates for logging what you’re grateful for. Our favorite is Prototion’s Gratitude Journal, a free template for marking your thanks and trying to form a journaling habit.

The model has several parts. The first part is your daily gratitude journal, where you add the date, then fill in five boxes with different types of gratitude mindsets: things you are grateful for, things you look forward to, things you’ve accomplished, the people you love grateful for, and one amazing thing that happened in the week. Please don’t feel like you have to fill it in every time, but the more you do, the better you’ll feel.

The Notion Gratitude Journal also includes prompts to circulate those feelings of gratitude. You are also asked to set an intention for each day. Once everything is written, you can archive your journal entry to read later.

In addition to this daily journal, the model teaches a habit by giving you a 30-day gratitude challenge. Every day has a different question that you need to answer in your own way. Do it consistently for 30 days, and you’ll realize how grateful you must be, and you might want to start all over again with different answers.

5. three things a day (Web, Android, iOS): Community of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Three Things Daily asks you to post three points of gratitude daily and shows what the community is grateful for

Writing a diary is often seen as an intimate and private experience. But with gratitude journaling, you might want to spread positivity by sharing with others what you’re grateful for and learning what they’re grateful for. Three Things Daily is a fantastic gratitude journaling app for improving mental health.

You can use TTD through a web browser or phone app, with a free account synced across all devices. The basic idea of ​​the app is to write down three things you are grateful for every day. While the app doesn’t offer prompts like the others, you’ll probably have no trouble maintaining this daily habit by limiting it to three items of gratitude.

Once you’ve written your daily journal, you can keep it private or share it on the Gratitude Wall with the world. You can’t “follow” users to make friends like a social network, but anyone can read a user’s post, like it, and comment on it. It’s a way to foster a community of gratitude and positive vibes.

To download: Three things a day for android | iOS (Free)

Make the Gratitude Journal Part of Your Routine

Finding the right app from this list for your gratitude journal is just the first part. The real task is to constantly write your journal. Callbacks and prompts are helpful, but there’s a good tip from pen and paper channel to make your journal part of your routine.

Although this tip in the video refers to a physical book, you can do the same with any application. Maybe make it the first thing you do when you log on to your computer at the start of a workday. Or place the app on your home screen to fill it at any given time among the many times you start your screen in a day.

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