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The popular opinion is that writing research papers takes a lot of work, time and energy. While that’s true, it could also be an exciting avenue to learn if you have the skills and tools to make it the best of many. Using writing apps is an upgrade that increases your writing stress and makes your edits and submissions standard. Here are the best tools for writing research papers in 2022.

Trinka – Mainly for academic and technical writing

Trinka is one of the best writing tools for students due to its efficiency, unique layout design and user-friendly interface. The app offers consistency checks and writing suggestions and can be used for editing and proofreading.

The unique design of this writing software is that you can submit your academic and technical writings to experts for reviews and edits. To modify your automatic file, you must upload your essay to the application, which quickly, thanks to the follow-up, makes corrections.

The software also allows you to organize research papers by category by summarizing the submitted projects. It is a reliable writing application that has been used for a long time, and you can trust it to upgrade and improve your academic work.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium: $6.67 per month

Paperell – Complex solution for academic writing

Paperell is one of the newest and most widely used community platforms, delivering great content with utmost professionalism. This is a great website where you can hire professional writers who provide high quality help to students who are struggling to meet deadlines or are busy with other activities.

They provide various academic services such as various types of research papers, essays, reports and assignments in different fields or disciplines for any school, college or university student to solve their writing problems.

Students can pay someone to do research from any location and device. The website is easy to navigate and the setup and ordering process is simple and safe to place your order. Paperell is the best option if you don’t know how to do an assignment, a research paper or an essay.


The price varies depending on the service required and the expert hired to do the job for you.

Hemingway Editor – Free and Powerful Editor

Hemingway is popular among academic writers because it’s a quick and easy way to get a great paper. Essays go through spell checks, grammar checks, and feedback on the platform. The great part of this website is that it makes you focus on writing from any location or device. Using the site is simple; you just copy and paste your work. It’s quick and efficient.

The unique and most important feature of this app is color coding. Submitted essays are edited, categorized and coded according to the sentence part of the speech. For example, it can be a verb or an adverb and indicates the recommended limit that should appear in a sentence.

Color coding has its uses and helps to organize and identify the problem to be corrected; for example, purple highlights are used for suggestions. Hemingway Editor is a free and powerful essay editor that is easy to access and equally effective.


  • Basic Plan: Free
  • A premium plan for Mac and PC: $19.99

Citavi – Designed for writing academic papers

According to many reviews, Citavi has been ranked among the best writing apps. It has add-ins that let you add images, quotes, and links to your document. This is for project attachments like footnotes, text citations, and references. You can insert preference categories listed in the options. There are also title and content styles.

To organize your essays, it is best to insert the content after the title for clarity. Plus, images are inserted in the same easy step and multiple quotes. The chapter tab displays relevant information for writing your academic paper.


  • Students: 36 euros
  • Academic: 81 Euros
  • Government and non-profit: 91 euros
  • Commercial: 127 euros

Grammar – Efficient and Effective for Editing and Proofreading

It is one of the best and very efficient and precise writing tools. Many students use Grammarly as research writing software. It provides direct and immediate assistance that helps improve and organize trials. Grammar is usually associated with writing apps like Google Docs to work. It simply detects errors in the written document and gives suggestions on changes and precise organization of a sentence.

Wordy and redundant sentences are compressed and simplified. Grammar, in addition to editing, proofreads essays and papers and then provides feedback on the tone of the work and what it might sound like to readers. Writing experts and beginners who want an easy way to improve their research should use Grammarly to get the job done.


  • Basic: free
  • Premium: $12 per month
  • Enterprise: $15 per month

Scrivener – Combined typewriter, ring binder and scrapbook

Authors and writers explore the use of Scrivener. When opened, its first display asks for the type of document downloaded. This is not an error or a redundant question. It is simply a matter of organizing and managing the document according to its style. These forms of writing include academic, fiction, and non-fiction essays. After selecting your preference, available templates are provided based on your trial. These designs are linked to the uploaded document.

The particularity of this writing tool is the design and layout of the site, which gives a binding area different from the main workspace. This area is used to plan possible ideas, notes, and suggestions for your essay. You can also use a layout of your choice, such as a cork and outline layout.


  • iOS: 19.99
  • Standard license for Windows/Mac: $49
  • Educational License for Windows/Mac: $41.65
  • Plan for Windows and macOS: $80

Paraphrased.io – Designed for rewriting and editing text

By its meaning, the application is used for clarity in essays and documents. To use this writing tool, you have to highlight, copy and paste the text and then the software uses AI to give a further suggestion and rewrite it. A color-coding feature highlights edited text in blue, so it can be identified by a user and reviewed. Color codes are also used to measure the confidence of sentence replacement. Green represents very confident, blue means moderately confident, and yellow means not very confident. However, using Paraphrased.io offline is very limited and not accessible to its full speed or potential; for best results it is important to be connected to the internet. The plagiarism rate with the app is very low among its users.


Writing a research dissertation is a difficult part of a student’s academic life. In addition to producing polished ideas and being up to date with your future profession, you will have to create perfect material. This can be difficult, especially if it is a university-level research paper that has never been done before. Many students and graduates find it difficult to write unique articles, essays, and thesis because they don’t know where to start and don’t have the best writing sources or software. Choose one of the best research paper writing software above to do your job.

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