7 Tips to Get the Most Out of the Notes App on iPhone


The Notes app on iPhone is quite a handy tool to have. There are tons of things you can do on the app that can make your life easier. More so, if you are a privileged citizen of the Apple ecosystem, i.e. if you own several Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and/or a Mac. Notes, over the years, has evolved from a vanilla note-taking app to an app that can do a lot of things. Here we tell you how to get the most out of the Notes app on iPhone or iPad.


You can collaborate with others on Notes

In the Notes app, you can share notes with others and give them access to edit those notes. With iOS 15, the Activity View feature has been added by Apple and gives you the list of changes made to a note. You can also see the daily activity list of all collaborators who are part of that particular note.



Use the Notes app as a scanner

The Notes app has a “built-in” scanner. All you have to do is tap the camera icon and tap Scan Documents. Now just keep the document in the frame and voila!, scanning is complete.



Sketch in the Notes app

Even after so many years, the Apple Pencil still does not work with the iPhone. However, that doesn’t mean you can draw or jot down in the Notes app. Just use your finger and draw or take quick notes. There’s a pencil icon at the bottom of the Notes app where you’ll find six tools, including a marker, eraser, and pencil. You can use them to draw or write anything you want in any note.



Keep your notes safe

The Notes app has a feature that lets you protect a note with FaceID or a password. However, you will need to configure this feature and here are the steps to follow. Go to Settings > tap Notes > Tap password or enable Use FaceID. You can lock any note by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and simply clicking Lock.



Add photos and videos to Notes

The iPhone camera can be used to click photos or videos which can be added to any note. Also, you can add existing photos or videos to any note you want.



Format your notes: add a title, bullet points

Notes give the user the ability to format the text as desired. For example, you can add a header or title or italicize the text. You can also create boards and to-do lists in the Notes app.



Other things you can do

You can add a calendar event or a reminder by simply entering a date in a note. You will see the option to tap Done and once you have done that the date will be highlighted. You can create folders to save notes and you can pin some of the important notes to the top of your app.

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