Adopt Akwa Ibom’s model for peace, advises PDP to FG



The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) advised the federal government to adopt the model of national peace and harmony as initialized and implemented by Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa-Ibom State as it was trying to bring about lasting peace and development in the state controlled by the PDP.

In a statement released on Sunday by Kola Ologbondiyan, its national publicity secretary, the PDP said it would help the federal government tackle “the current wave of insecurity, disagreement, disagreement, tension, avoidable conflict and of turmoil in our country at this critical time in our nation’s history.

The party advised the government led by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to immediately endorse the peacekeeping program (MPM) model unveiled this weekend by Governor Emmanuel as part of his peace-building measure and development in the state.

The statement added: “Our party insists that with the right model at the national level, our nation will come out of the woods and regain its place of honor among the committee of nations.

“It is instructive to note that the Udom Emmanuel model has enabled the Akwa-Ibom state government to effectively manage competing interests, achieve harmony within the political class, strengthen public partnership / private, to create an atmosphere conducive to greater citizen participation as well as a harmonious life in a multiple state.

“Under the MPM model, the energies of all segments of the state’s population; young people, the political class, the business community, professional groups, faith-based organizations, traditional institutions and individuals are mobilized for the development of the state.

“Our party welcomes Governor Udom Emmanuel’s commitment to ensuring a peaceful state, a situation that has enabled him to effectively deploy the resources available to the state to have an impact on lives, create sustainable infrastructure, attract investors, to create jobs and improve the standard of living of the population. , in line with the manifesto of our great party.

The PDP urges Governor Emmanuel not to waver but to continue to deepen the harmonious life which is sine qua non for development.

He also expressed his confidence in the National Coordinator of the MPM and national legal adviser of our party, Barr Emmanuel Enoidem, “for his commitment under Governor Udom Emmanuel, in favor of the success of the initiative”.


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Verdict: The claim is false. The content of the article published by these online platforms is not new; it has been put back into circulation several times and has been debunked. Adopt Akwa Ibom’s model for peace, advises PDP to FG

Adopt Akwa Ibom’s model for peace, advises PDP to FG

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