Andor is the role model a Scoundrel-led Star Wars game needs



Games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed are loved for several reasons. One of those reasons is undoubtedly the fact that players are able to wield the Force and wield a lightsaber. But being able to play as a Jedi isn’t the only metric for a good star wars game, and there are many other characters whose stories should be told. The largest and most recent example is Disney Plus’ Andorwho examines star wars in a much more intimate and grounded grip.


Andor follows the eponymous Cassian Andor through remote planets in a neo-noir setting, and its gritty drama is already a unique take on the franchise. This may come as no surprise to some fans who understand Andor be a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Storybut it’s still refreshing afterwards star wars has given much of its attention to Jedi Adventures. Andorthe dark atmosphere of is full of dramatic intrigue and villainous antics, making it a compelling model that should inspire the future star wars Games.

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Andor’s intimate drama is a good canvas for game storytelling

Andor sheds star wars“whimsical fantasy and focuses solely on a suspenseful political drama. This could be an exciting premise in a third-person action-adventure game, especially if its playable protagonist was shrouded in mystery. If a new star wars The game introduced an unknown villain protagonist, for example, fans could learn about this character’s backstory throughout the game. The ramifications of dialogue choices in an RPG could determine the path players take. , but every decision should be comprehensive and morally questionable to avoid being too binary.

It’s something Andor succeeds well, where the grunts of the Empire are as morally ambiguous as the scoundrels of the Resistance. The reason why the villainous characters are so captivating in star wars is because they’re meant to be unpredictable in their motivations, or at least behave like anti-heroes whose personal goals often outweigh the needs of others.

In gameplay, this would result in a fun shooter through tight corridors and open warehouses, as fans have seen so far in Andor. Shooting game in star wars games were last seen Star Wars Battlefrontthe epic war and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagathe characters wielding a blaster. However, such a shooter has yet to be seen in a single-player action-adventure game, at least in a way where the stakes were high and the characters felt unsafe as they struggled. to flee the Empire.

Lesser scoundrel struggles would make for great side quests

This is why a star wars A game where fans play as a bounty hunter is so desirable because it would allow for those unique planet-hopping adventures with a focus on gunplay. Likewise, AndorThe tale of a fugitive on the run who aids and abets the Resistance would lay a wonderful foundation for a star wars Game.

Interestingly, these motifs were repeated throughout Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderand Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may be even more representative of what a villain drives star wars game could be like. Apparently on the run again, Cal Kestis will wield a blaster pistol in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Therefore, depending on the satisfaction of these shooter game mechanics, it is possible that the future star wars games will implement something similar. Andor certainly had some action sequences, but again, what makes it compelling is its atmosphere and neo-noir drama set in a sci-fi landscape. If nothing else, traveling to different planets and doing menial side quests would be great for world-building, where players may have to interact with a crew to initiate a heist or find a buyer for a potentially problematic artifact.

Players would encounter shadowy and unreliable characters in dark nightclubs, then flee on a speeder as an old rival approaches them about loaned money owed to them. Many developers would be able to achieve this, and this will hopefully be what the future star wars the games strive to accomplish in their narratives.

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