Anonybit partners with Aware to keep biometric templates private


Decentralized solutions provider Anonybit has entered into a new partnership with facial biometrics developer Aware to create highly secure, privacy-focused biometric templates with a focus on government use cases.

According to the companies, the increase in data breaches in different sectors could soon include an increasing number of biometric templates, thus calling for an urgent need to improve the security of this data.

“As data breaches continue to increase in volume and severity around the world, and biometrics become more pervasive in our daily lives, it behooves us all to address the overwhelming concerns about how our identity information is stored and managed,” says the CEO of Anonybit. Frances Zelazny. “We are delighted to partner with Aware to develop industry-leading solutions that will protect highly sensitive biometric templates and, therefore, the privacy of our users.”

From a technology standpoint, the partnership will see the combination of Aware’s biometric technology and Anonybit’s approach to storing data as anonymized bits through a peer-to-peer network comprised of different types of nodes that store and calculate the biometric match.

Since this data is stored in a decentralized way and the anonymized bits never leave the nodes, they cannot be used to reconstruct the original image, even if an attacker manages to steal some of them.

Applications will include passwordless authentication, access control, time and attendance, and visitor management.

“Anonybit addresses a key problem for biometric implementations – how to secure the biometric template,” says Aware CTO Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni. “In the age of privacy, their approach promises to address the need for greater data protection and frictionless identity assurance. privacy-preserving identity management.

Aware is not the first company to partner with Anonybit to improve the security of its biometric system using decentralized infrastructures. In November 2021, he started a new collaboration with FacePhi. More recently, the company also raised $3.5 million in a funding round led by Switch Ventures.

The partnerships and investments are perhaps indicative of a new industry trend of a renewed desire among companies to secure their biometric templates using a decentralized approach.

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