‘Anonymous’ Hacks Chinese Government Website; welcomes US President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan


Cyber-hacking group “Anonymous” hacked into a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) website on August 3 and hailed the visit to Taiwan by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. According to reports, the website of the “Heilongjiang Society Scientific Community Federation” in China was hacked by “Anonymous”. After hacking the website, the group published an HTML page containing the text “Taiwan Numbah Wan”, the Taiwanese flag and emblem, and images of Pelosi and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. He also wrote: ‘Taiwan welcomes US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’, Taiwan News reported.

It comes amid Pelosi’s one-day visit to the self-governing island, which has been harshly condemned by the Chinese government. According to reports, the hacked website displayed the band’s logo “Anonymous” followed by the meme “Taiwan Numbah Wan”. This was a reference to a statement made in 2015 by video game streamer AngryPug to piss off Chinese streamer “Em0” during a match of the game H1Z1. The website further showed the national flag and national emblem of Taiwan, followed by the welcome note for Pelosi. However, the website was later taken down by Chinese authorities.

An ‘anonymous’ also hacked into the Chinese government’s website in May

Notably, the hacking group had also hacked into a Chinese government website in May, warning Beijing not to attempt “anything stupid against Taiwan.” “Anonymous” claimed to have hacked the website of the “Chengdu Pidu District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” on May 2. The group then claimed to be taking a “short break” from its cyberattacks on Russia to remind China not to try anything crazy against Taiwan. Apart from that, on April 3, the hacking group “Anonymous” claimed credit for revealing the personal details of 120,000 Russian servicemen fighting in Ukraine.

US House Speaker Pelosi concludes visit to Taiwan

It is worth mentioning here that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives concluded her one-day visit to Taiwan on Wednesday. However, the visit was strongly denounced by the Chinese government, which also summoned the US ambassador over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry also released a statement, calling the visit “Washington’s intrusion into Beijing’s sovereignty.” Meanwhile, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen expressed her commitment to maintaining the status quo across the Taiwan Strait and stressed that her country is open. to a constructive dialogue.

Image: AP/Pixabay

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