Apple TV+ Pilot ‘Pachinko’ Script Reveals Highly Detailed Writing Behind Drama



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The script for the pilot episode of the Apple TV+ show “Pachinko” has been released, highlighting the writing behind the critically acclaimed international drama.

Apple TV+ premiered “Pachinko” on March 25, bringing the adaptation of a New York Times bestseller of the same name to screens. While the show has already been picked up for a second season, the focus has been on what helped bring the first to fruition.

Released as part of Deadline “It starts on the page” series, the full script for the first episode of “Pachinko” has been released. The script, written by showrunner and executive producer Soo Hugh, is identified as “Chapter One” and listed as episode “101”.

The episode details Solomon’s character’s attempts to secure a promotion in 1989 New York City, before returning to his grandmother’s childhood in Japanese-occupied Korea.

As part of the script document, it includes extensive character and setting listings, as well as detailed notes on what will appear on screen alongside lyrics and actions. The notes are detailed, such as the prologue comprising Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor described as fading and “unabashedly declaring its audacious ambitions – to move us, amaze us, conquer us”.

Similarly, at the end of the script, the end titles description reads, “Infectious K-Pop music explodes over the scrolling names of everyone who worked tirelessly to make this show happen.”

Deadline selected to release the script alongside others after it was submitted for Emmy consideration. Selection criteria included “critical acclaim, selection from a wide range of networks and platforms, and a mix of established and lesser-known shows.”

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