Argumentative Essay: 6 Practical Steps to Writing One


It’s no secret that academic writing is a big part of the curriculum. Whether in high school, college, or university, this form of homework is widely used to help students retain material and test their knowledge. Often, young people have to complete dozens of such projects each semester. So every essay or other article you write has a huge effect on your final grade.

Among all types of academic work, there are some that are easier and some that are more difficult. Argumentative essays are considered the second type. The main thing that makes this task so difficult to accomplish is that in addition to doing a lot of research and writing a persuasive text, students also have to persuade readers of the accuracy of their ideas. And it requires strong skills to achieve it.

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But if you want to take on this challenge for yourself, read on to discover the top six secrets to crafting a persuasive argumentative piece.

1. Brainstorm the topic

When writing an assignment, most students focus on their research, believing this to be the most crucial element of a strong paper. It’s true. But the subject you choose first is actually 50% success.

The first secret to getting the desired A+ is to take enough time to think things through and choose a perfect subject.

What is the most important rule for choosing a topic? A good topic should be relevant and important, give enough space for research, and engage readers. But it must be something you really care about. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and want to learn more about, this is the ultimate advice for success.

2. Make a solid argument

The next crucial element of a strong argumentative article is, of course, a strong argument. This is basically the core of your essay. It is a statement that you firmly believe in and will be able to persuade others of its accuracy. If he is good and logical, you should have no problem supporting him in your work. Be very careful at this stage.

To come up with a good statement, students need to do some preliminary research. Begin by reviewing a list of relevant documents and peer-reviewed articles. Also, do not hesitate to consult other academic works and articles written on your subject. And, finally, don’t hesitate to check out what experts and other people are saying about your topic.

Once ready, use the accumulated knowledge to define your own position. The more original it is, the easier it will be to hook your readers. Therefore, if you can, feel free to choose an argument that contrasts with the “typical” view on the subject. This will help make your essay truly fascinating.

3. Dive into a search

Once you have a clearly defined position, you need to focus on research. When you get to this step, you should already have some preliminary data. But don’t think that will be enough to write a top-notch essay. Now is the time to dig deeper and study your subject in depth.

First, this step is necessary to broaden your own understanding of the subject. The more you read about the chosen topic, the better you can disclose it on paper.

The most important advice for your research process is not to focus only on data that supports your own ideas. Also, be sure to pay enough attention to conflicting points of view. Analyzing opposing points of view will help you find their weak points, which you can then use to strengthen your own argument.

Pro Tip: Take notes and mark different sources during this step. This will help you a lot when you come to collect and organize the facts to support your article.

4. Gather support materials for your essay

When writing an argumentative article, students must provide a solid basis for each claim they make. Therefore, having enough support material is crucial for success. So, once your research is done, focus on collecting and organizing the data.

At this point, you can use the notes and bookmarks you created during your research. Gather facts and arguments from different resources to make your article look comprehensive and thorough. Also, don’t forget to check your sources. To score high, make sure every source you mention in your essay is 100% valid.

Also pay close attention to material related to opposing views on the subject. Any good argumentative article should have a section that addresses counter-arguments and refutes them.

5. Strengthen your basic argument

Finally, when you have all the resources you need to write your article, take the time to apply the data collected to strengthen your own argument.

How do you do that? First, if possible, focus on statistics and numbers. This data is ideal for backing up your declarations. Also you can use:

  • The figures;
  • Verifiable facts;
  • The search results, and
  • Opinions of respected authorities and leaders in the relevant field

If you can draw on these elements to back up your argument, that’s a surefire way to make it compelling and convincing.

6. Develop a plan

After the previous step, you may feel like you have everything to go straight to writing. This is what the majority of students do. But that’s not the best approach to academic writing. So here’s one last secret to success: make a detailed plan before you start writing.

Formulating a plan may take longer. Nevertheless, it is a thing to DO when writing an argumentative article. With its help, you can ensure that your final project has a logical structure and that all arguments flow seamlessly one after the other. Also, an outline will help you save a lot of time during the writing phase and ensure that you don’t overlook anything important.

Do not skip this step. Once you have everything ready for writing, take some extra time to organize a detailed outline that includes all of your key ideas, arguments, and backings. Only after that can you proceed to the final stage of completing your mission.

The essential

Although writing an argumentative article may not seem so difficult at first, you will find it to be a real challenge when you get down to it. Such tasks require a lot of time, attention to detail and focus on completion. They also require a lot of research and strong critical thinking. But no matter how difficult it may be, it is possible to handle the task and be successful if you only know what to do.

You now know the six main secrets of making a strong paper. Use them in practice to easily ensure a high score.

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