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Astera launches new website

Astera launches new website

Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera is launching a dynamic new multilingual website optimized for all devices, filled with product information, full of technical specifications, news, useful tips and tricks, valuable troubleshooting tips, as well as a wealth of information about the company, its people, products and philosophy.

Essentially everything you need to know about Astera in one scholarly, fast, easily navigable and elegant portal,

Astera Sales Manager Sebastian Bückle explained that when the previous website launched, three fixtures and ten accessories were available. There are currently 11 unique and innovative Astera fixtures and 150 awesome practical accessories, all of which deserve their own pages with videos and downloads.

“Our goal was to empower our users by creating the smartest webpage in the industry with a wealth of relevant information explaining the products and answering any questions.”

The project was launched during the Covid shutdowns when remote assistance became a vital service.

Each Astera accessory now has its own page with text, specs, videos, images, downloads, and more, which showcases the accessory, its capabilities, and applications.

A new support section has a smart FAQ area with links to all the key places with related information.

With the entertainment and events industry back at full speed: “We fully appreciate that technicians, gaffers, crew, designers, etc. the streamlining of basic elements like menu systems that are logical and intuitive,” notes Sebastian.

Having good and comprehensive technical support is vital for Astera as lights become more and more complex with more features, so the website is designed for all users to find answers to their questions anytime and from anywhere. Where in the world !

There are some great resources online to help people with their needs, including the Astera Academy which has great tutorials with chapters that comprehensively cover most features of all products.

The Astera user group – currently over 5,000 and growing – is full of friendly, knowledgeable members who share their expertise and support each other on a daily basis.

The interactive FAQ is brand new and works almost like a smart chatbot. It responds with a predefined response to the questions entered. Recognizing that some chatbots can be slow, boring and frustrating, this tool will be constantly evolving and able to answer more and more questions over time. Instead of offering a simple answer, it may refer to a particular chapter of a tutorial or offer links to a relevant download.

Another novelty is a shopping cart with “get a quote” functionality which will be forwarded to the respective regional dealer/distributor.

With online shopping well established, as Astera sells through a global dealer network, this feature makes it easy to connect with the relevant local distributor. Demos can also be arranged through the distributor.

A new purchase and rental page displays distributors, service centers and rental companies on a world map, which also makes it quick and easy to source Astera products locally.

The news section features a wide range of Astera projects in action around the world. From tours and music festivals to industry events and art exhibitions, this wealth of information includes animated articles and superb galleries of images, videos and other illustrations, all with valuable information on how products are made. used creatively and imaginatively by designers working in different disciplines.

Available in several key languages, Astera wanted to ensure that this resource was accessible to everyone, from large rental companies to the many small international customers who might purchase a handful of lights or rent lights for a gig.

“We want to make sure everyone can fully understand and appreciate the scope of the products and their features, and although translating the website is a huge amount of work, we have a great team who come from our industry and know everyone the right terms, jargon and colloquialisms in every language,” Sebastian said.

Building a great website like this from scratch involved a lot of energy, commitment and resources, but “it will save time for the entire Astera community in the long run,” Sebastian said.

In the fast-paced world of digital communication, the website easily answers many questions or directs people to the right places for help, and is available 24/7, so rather than potentially having to wait to get to Astera headquarters or the distributor, solutions can be found with just a few clicks.

Astera launches new websiteAstera launches new website

July 26, 2022

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