Barclays Announces Change to iPath® ETNs Website


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Barclays Bank PLC (“Barclays” or the “Issuer”) has announced that the website domain for its iPath® Exchange Traded Notes (“ETNs”) have moved from to Information about ETNs, including prospectuses, fact sheets and other ETN-related materials, can now be accessed by visiting the new domain,

Barclays no longer owns the old domain for the iPath® ETN website, Currently, any content on relating to Barclays, iPath® ETNs or any products issued by Barclays were not produced by Barclays and do not belong to Barclays, and Barclays assumes no responsibility for such content.

Barclays is the issuer of iPath® ETNs and Barclays Capital Inc. is the Issuer’s distribution agent. Please contact Barclays for any further questions:

Financial Advisors:

Individual investors:

  • Ask your broker/advisor/custodian to email us at [email protected] or to call us at: 1-212-528-7990

You can call your broker/advisor/custodian or ask them to speak to us on your behalf.

About Barclays

Barclays is a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank offering products and services in the areas of retail, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management, with a strong presence on our two national markets, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Selected risk considerations

An investment in the iPath ETNs described here involves risks. Certain risks are summarized here, but please read the more detailed explanation of the risks described under “Risk Factors” in the applicable Prospectus Supplement and Pricing Supplement.

You can lose some or all of your principal: ETNs are exposed to any change in the level of the underlying index, or volume-weighted average price (“VWAP”) level, in the case of the iPath® S&P MLP ETN, between the inception date and the applicable valuation date. In addition, if the level of the Underlying Index or the level of VWAP is insufficient to offset the negative effect of the Investor Fee and other applicable costs, you will lose some or all of your investment to at maturity or at the time of redemption, even if the value of this index or the VWAP level has increased or decreased, as the case may be. Because ETNs are subject to investor fees and other applicable fees, the return from ETNs will always be less than the total return from a direct investment in the index constituents. ETNs are riskier than ordinary unsecured debt securities and offer no principal protection.

Credit from Barclays Bank PLC: ETNs are unsecured debt securities of the issuer, Barclays Bank PLC, and are not, directly or indirectly, obligated or guaranteed by any third party. Any payment to be made on the ETNs, including any payment at maturity or upon redemption, is dependent on Barclays Bank PLC’s ability to meet its obligations as they become due. Accordingly, the actual and perceived creditworthiness of Barclays Bank PLC will affect the market value, if any, of ETNs prior to maturity or redemption. In addition, in the event that Barclays Bank PLC fails to perform its obligations, you may not receive amounts due to you under the ETNs.

A trading market for ETNs may not develop: Although the ETNs are listed on a national securities exchange in the United States, a trading market for the ETNs may not develop and the liquidity of the ETNs may be limited, as we are not required to maintain a listing of the ETNs. .

No interest payments from ETNs: You cannot receive interest payments on ETNs.

Restrictions on minimum number of ETNs and date restrictions for redemptions: You must redeem a certain minimum number (depending on the series) of ETNs of the same series at one time in order to exercise your right to redeem your ETNs on any redemption date. You can only redeem your ETNs on a redemption date if we receive a redemption notice from you at certain dates and times as set out in the product prospectus.

Uncertain tax treatment: Important aspects of the tax treatment of ETNs are uncertain. You should consult your own tax advisor regarding your own tax situation.

ETNs can be sold throughout the trading day through any brokerage account. Commissions may apply and there are tax consequences in the event of the sale, redemption or expiry of ETNs.

© 2022 Barclays Bank PLC. All rights reserved. iPath, iPath ETNs and the iPath logo are registered trademarks of Barclays Bank PLC. All other trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used with their permission.


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