BookLeaf Publishing’s 21-Day Writing Challenge Aims to Encourage Daily Writing and Expression


RResearch indicates that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. And it is on this maxim that BookLeaf Publishing relies on to introduce someone to a new habit: writing. With its 21-Day Writing Challenge, BookLeaf Publishing hopes to inspire authors to write wholeheartedly and continue to do so even while posting that three-week period, a habit that’s supposed to stay.

Once a participant signs up for the challenge, they are expected to submit an article – poems, diary entries, haiku, quotes, etc. – every day for 21 days. The team then compiles these articles into a draft and assists the author with formatting, editing, and illustrations, if the author wishes, before proceeding with the publication of the book. A consultant is assigned to the author from the start to make the whole process transparent and unique.

The idea for the challenge arose out of a short survey the company conducted with its team members and authors who had worked with the company before. “We realized that although nearly 80 percent of respondents wrote in some form or another, only about 15 percent wrote regularly out of habit. We wanted to change that, ”says Musavir Khurshid, CEO of BookLeaf Publishing.

But the challenge goes far beyond developing a new habit, says Shivangi Verma, co-founder of BookLeaf Publishing. “People have used the platform in countless ways to express themselves. To talk about their broken hearts, to commemorate their failures and successes, to thank the beauty around them, to tackle the social issues around them, to write notes to oneself to be read a few years later , to post a person’s doodles and gift to them on their birthday, to record blessings and lessons for their children. Writing does this for you, forcing you to talk in a journal about things you normally wouldn’t do with the people who live and breathe around you, ”she says.

The Covid and the lockdowns have had a huge impact on mental health. People have lived and are still living in unfathomable agony, trying to cope with the loss of loved ones, the feeling of helplessness and the feeling of emptiness. Letting him out allows a semblance of closure. “The challenge is also an attempt to encourage the authors to write these thoughts down on paper, in an effort to make sense of what one has been through and to remind people that bad times will eventually pass,” says Verma.

If writing a book in itself is a task, getting it published seems more so. Especially for novice authors who are just starting to venture into the business of their books, the whole process can be quite torturous. In addition, many of these authors are sometimes not even sure about their decision to take such an important step. At BookLeaf Publishing, we aim to make authors feel comfortable with the publishing process, explains Khurshid. “The challenge inspires confidence in the author who remains in control of every element of his book throughout. It is more of an experience to remember and an outcome worth cherishing.

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