Brad Maddox Featured on Marriage Coaching Website


It’s been over seven years since the WWE Universe heard of Brad Maddox’s release. The former RAW General Manager was widely hated during his time in WWE.

He is also infamous for appearing in Paige’s sex tape. Fans really had no idea what he was up to since then.

Maddox trended on Twitter on Saturday night after screenshots of a marriage coaching website went viral. Maddox, real name Joshua Kluttz, reportedly changed his name to Tyler K. Warner for acting gigs and he’s done independent films.

Under her “About” section on the website, Ryan notes that she has been married to her husband for almost 15 years. She further points out that the couple have two daughters together while sharing pictures of their family.

“Who am I and how do I know it? My name is Ryan and I’m a marriage coach for women. I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 15 years and have TONS of knowledge that comes in the best way; experience (…) These days, our relationship is pretty epic if I say so myself! We have two wonderful little girls, an adorable Mini Goldendoodle puppy, who live in beautiful Southern California and love to create our dream life together.

It’s definitely an interesting career move for him. Either way, he’s happy and that’s all that matters. We’ll have to see where Maddox appears next.

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September 25, 2022 08:33

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