Bundled Notes app gets compelling new features with v2.0 update



There are many compelling note-taking apps on Android. Bundled Notes is definitely one of them, and the app just got even more compelling thanks to a new update. This new update brings exciting new features to the Bundled Notes app, to improve its playing.

Bundled Notes app gets much needed features with new update

With this new update, the app supports images and attached files. This was one of the main complaints before, as many other note-taking apps offer such a feature. The app will also automatically create rich previews for URLs.

Note that documents you attach cannot be viewed in the app, at least not PDFs and similar documents. You’ll have to use another app to open them, although that’s probably what you would anyway.

Images can be viewed inside the app, however. There is still work to be done in this department, as you cannot rename attached images, nor annotate them.

You can see all your downloaded files in one menu

The great thing about Bundled Notes is that you can see all the files you have downloaded in one place. From there you can delete them if you want. It’s not something that Google Keep offers, nor many other note-taking apps.

The company has also slightly redesigned some menus, while a number of performance issues have also been fixed. The app should be a lot smoother to use now. It worked fine before, but a new level of polish is always welcome.

One thing to note is that you are limited to 150MB of files and images per account and 20MB per file. If you decide to become a paid customer, you will get up to 10GB of storage in total and 200MB per file.

The service is available on Android and on computer

Bundled Notes is available both on Android and through your web browser, on a desktop computer. These changes are reflected in both places, so you can take advantage of these new features.

The developer has promised more changes in the future, mostly focused on incremental quality of life updates for reminders, archiving, other attachment system optimizations, and more, says Android Police. .

Download the Bundled Notes app (Play Store)

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