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The following contains spoilers for episode 4 of Chainsaw Man“RESCUE,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It’s safe to say that not everyone is a fan of the Boruto time. Some think naruto ended on a high note as he fulfilled his dream of becoming Hokage, so the franchise should have just ended. Others think the sequel stories with his son, as well as the new generation like Mitsuki and Sarada, just need to be more compelling.

Admittedly, this is a divisive subject, but what is certain is that Boruto manga and anime are getting better. However, with Crunchyroll scoring another success thanks to Chainsaw Mananime fans soak up Denji’s adventures while holding a devil inside – similar to Naruto and Kurama. The model was established with regard to what naruto the franchise should focus on, which could easily put together better adventures than Boruto’s crew in Konoha.

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Chainsaw Man tells a story of Jinchūriki

chainsaw denji still from bat devil fight

In naruto, Kurama, the nine-tailed fox demon, was placed inside baby Naruto by his parents, making him the ultimate Jinchūriki (aka human vessel). He alone had the power to restrain the beast, and over time they had become friends. Such was the depth of Naruto’s heart that he later harbored the other eight Tailed Beasts as part of the war against Kaguya, who wanted all chakra to return from Earth in a move that would have essentially killed everyone.

Denji follows a circuitous path related to this concept in Chainsaw Manas the fans are now observe his bond with Pochita. But the devil-dog is the one who pushes the union, saving Denji from death so that it becomes a weapon and earn money. He wants him to come out of poverty and achieve his dreams, so even though his soul is trapped in Denji, Pochita garners happiness by living vicariously through him. And as they team up, Denji cuts a scarier and violent path as bloody killer more demons than Naruto did when battling shinobi and evil aliens. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a visual spectacle that Boruto rarely.

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The Naruto Series Should Focus On Other Jinchūriki Tales

shukaku konoha crush arc naruto

naruto can create a spin-off delving into the past, detailing how other Jinchūrikis operated in a daunting and bloody light. They were weapons of mass destruction, after all, with immense power. But apart from their destructive force and the way they become mercenaries or assassins, a spin-off can further develop on the bonds themselves. Not everyone had that camaraderie and dynamic that Naruto and Kurama had, as seen with Killer B and the Octopus-like Gyūki (the Eight-Tails).

Thus, stories involving Blue B and Gyūki can show how the Raikage used this ADM in previous years. Fans can even learn how Bunpuku used the One Tail/Shukaku that Gaara would eventually host, creating a darker and much more bloodthirsty story. Given the progress of animation—which Boruto and the naruto movies have done well to illustrate – seeing these beasts and their hosts unleashed would add to the naruto mythos perfectly, allowing fans to learn more about hosts never seen before. More so, this direction explores concepts that fans already love, which would be visually enhanced to show other unique pairings outside of the hidden leaf.

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In time, the beasts – with the exception of Gyūki – were released and sent out into the wild after Kaguya’s fall, with others like Shukaku being protected. This means that a series can also focus on the present, where it is once again hunted by Akatsuki-like groups, or where there is a selection of new hosts. The latter would be safer, as the chakra beings would be protected by heroic shinobi experts like Naruto.

Admittedly, a lot of beasts don’t like humanity because they only trust Naruto, so there would be plenty to explore with the seven beasts wondering if they need ships after Kurama’s death. This can easily shape an anthology or a few seasons, allowing the anime to spotlight these majestic creatures again, rather than becoming a side story or filler in Boruto as did Shukaku.

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