Chief Justice Roberts does not write an opinion on abortion in case you still have illusions about the seriousness of the situation



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The Supreme Court has just made Cummings vs Premier Rehab Kelleranother 6-3 notice advancing the new statutory build canon irrumabo populus. While significant to future deaf-blind Americans who mistakenly believed that laws prohibiting discrimination against deaf-blind people actually meant that it was illegal to discriminate against deaf-blind people, the opinion held additional significance for court watchers seeking a taste of the upcoming abortion ruling.

And it looks pretty dark!

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization discusses the 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi, a law without legal basis under Roe vs. Wade. But, as they say, “If we change the Constitution, then we can make all kinds of crazy laws!

Many have openly expressed their hope of saving half a century of deer on “institutionalist” John Roberts – the legal equivalent of cashing in your 401k to join the Squid Game. I’m not saying John Roberts is the kind of guy who would sell his own cousin, I’m saying John Roberts literally exhausted his own cousin, so what do you think he’ll do for you?

But, as Professor Leah Litman explained in a Tweettoday cumming The decision should more or less snuff out even Roberts’ slim prospect as Great Milquetoast Hope:

What does that mean? It is of course possible, Litman’s Notes, that “the Chief could/would have assigned the notice to Barrett or Kavanaugh, in the hopes that they would find their way to not completely cancel Roe, but simply eviscerate him (for now).” But relying on Barrett or Kavanaugh to issue a reasonable and moderate opinion is like handing a Fabergé egg to a water buffalo – where the water buffalo is also a religious zealot accused of sexual assault.

Bringing us to the most likely result:

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 12.37.35 PM

Occam’s Razor has a remarkable batting average.

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