Child’s stroller, writing book, burnt clothes found near the bodies of mother, daughter


CALGARY – A stroller, a child’s cursive writing book and burnt materials have been found near where Calgary police unearthed the bodies of a mother and daughter in a shallow grave in southwest of town in May 2019.

Judicial investigator Const. Jim Weeks told Robert Leeming’s second degree murder trial on Thursday that a fireplace and a nearby culvert were searched after the remains of Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson, 22 months, were found underground, wrapped in blankets.

They had disappeared just two weeks before Lovett’s 26th birthday.

Leeming, a 36-year-old British citizen, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to second degree murder in Lovett’s death, but not guilty in the girl’s death. During the investigation, he told undercover agents the location of their bodies.

Weeks said police found purple material in the fireplace and the metal tubes of what appeared to be a folded stroller and under the branch of a tree. He added that further evidence was found in a crushed culvert 50 to 75 meters from the bodies.

“There is burnt debris. It’s charred. The color is in complete contrast to what is natural in this area. We see burnt parchment and other interesting artifacts in this culvert, ”Weeks said.

Upon closer inspection, Weeks said there was purple material with silver stars similar to those found in the foyer. The parchment turned out to be a child’s book of cursive writing and there was the sole of a burnt shoe on it.

“What stands out to me as a forensic investigator… I think it’s another sole. It’s probably related to a shoe. It’s probably a tread pattern, ”Weeks said.

“It’s a geometric pattern that immediately catches my eye. In my mind, I draw the conclusion that there is material that was taken from the hearth and has just been thrown into this culvert.

Lovett and Leeming met on a dating app in September 2018. She and her daughter moved in a month later.

Leeming and the two victims attended a family reunion just two days before the Crown believed they were murdered.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on October 14, 2021.

Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press

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