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(NOTE: These are the winning essays from the annual Dr. Charles Koehler Veterans Day Writing Contest, sponsored by the City of Fontana and City Council Member Jesse Sandoval.)

—– First place: “What Veterans Day means to me”


Hemlock Elementary School,

5th year

Many people know that a veteran is someone who has served in the military, but to me, a veteran is so much more than that. To me, a veteran is someone with a caring spirit, a brave heart, and a brave spirit. A veteran is someone who is willing to risk everything to protect the United States of America.

Without veterans, my life would be radically different. Veterans and all the military give me a sense of security. Knowing that I have people dying and risking their lives every day to protect our beloved country. I am amazed at how brave and capable veterans and soldiers are to fight and protect our country and each of its citizens. Veterans show the world how big and strong the United States of America is.

Veterans are around us in everyday life. They may look like ordinary people on the outside, but on the inside they are dominant people who have dedicated their lives to securing the freedom of others. They cared so much about our lives, our liberties and the freedom of the country that they are ready to die for us. When I see a veteran and think of all he has done for me, I have an overwhelming sense of dignity for all of our armed forces. I am grateful to live in a country that inspires such heroism.

—– Second place: “What is Veterans Day?”


Veterans Day is a day when we must honor all those in service who have fought for us and sacrificed their lives for their country.

Veterans Day is a holiday honoring the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. It also celebrates the anniversary of the end of the First World War.

I also think Veterans Day is about honoring veterans for their patriotism and passion for the country in which they served.

We should honor veterans who sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe and citizens safe. They didn’t just do it for themselves and their family members, they did it for their whole country!

Each veteran was very brave, daring, courageous and fearless. Some died and some survived, but they all deserve our pride. Veterans Day is when we should celebrate them for fighting for our country and giving us freedom.

When America was in dire need, veterans raised their hands without thinking twice. The veterans never gave up on what they wanted to do. Some returned in flag-draped coffins and returned with battle scars, but their spirits will always live on. They did it knowingly and selflessly. They didn’t give up or were afraid to die. They had confidence and passion in themselves and put their lives on the line. I appreciate that so much. They fought for their country and fought day and night. Without veterans, freedom would be dead.

—– Third place: “Veterans Day”


Veterans Day is a day to honor and celebrate all American veterans.

I am so thankful for all the veterans have done for us. They kept our country safe and risked their own lives for us.

I am also very grateful that they have their own day as it shows a lot of respect towards them.

On Veterans Day, I usually write thank you letters to veterans. In these letters, I reflect on what these veterans have done for us. I also reflect on all the sacrifices they have made for our country.

If Veterans Day were not a statutory holiday, I would be disappointed because I believe veterans should be highly respected for all they have done for our country. I am happy to say that I would describe veterans as “heroes”. Overall, I’m very grateful to have veterans who fought and served for our country. Thank you veterans for your day!

—– IN ADDITION to the above tryouts, two other Veterans Day contests were held. The winners were:


1st place, Ella Kim

2nd place, Isabelle Cervantes

3rd place, Julien Rodriguez


1st place, Sofia Corona

2nd place, Jacob Loaiza.

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