Convening Concerned Citizens as Model to Restore Nigeria’s Dream



We greet all the people of God in Nigeria and the Diaspora We greet all the people of God in Nigeria and the Diaspora in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We give thanks to God on your behalf for divine protection in the face of all kinds of threats around us.

Our thoughts are with all those who have been victims of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow human beings in our country and around the world. Our attention in this pastoral letter/press release is focused on the Nigerian situation; This is why we give special mention to the victims of robbery, banditry, kidnapping, ritual murder, mass murder or genocide and other forms of violence and inhumanity in various parts of Nigeria. We pray for divine comfort for all who have lost loved ones, and supernatural healing for the living who have been traumatized in some way (displaced, dispossessed, raped, robbed, bereaved, etc.) . It is painful and regrettable that our nation has become a theater of violence while our security agencies seem bewildered or overwhelmed.

We hereby join with all well-meaning Nigerians in calling on all our opinion leaders, and the generality of the Nigerian masses, to rise up and save Nigeria from impending collapse. While we recognize that the government (or political leadership) is the official force in ensuring the stability and cohesion of a nation, we must admit that the current Nigerian federal government has ceded the initiative to non-state actors. Before our government hands over the instruments of state to terrorists and insurgents, the people of Nigeria must rise up to redeem their nation. Therefore, we call on opinion leaders nationwide to urgently come together and convene an emergency national dialogue aimed at finding amicable solutions to the various threats plaguing our nation – most importantly being the problem of insecurity.

We are aware that the government does not want to hear the term “Sovereign National Conference”. However, whatever name such a gathering may be called, we must urgently come together as a people to discuss how to save Nigeria from imminent state capture by agents of evil. Recent events convince all right-thinking people that terrorists and bandits have grown bolder than ever and are no longer afraid of agents of the state (as it is presently constituted). One shudders to think that the Nigerian state has lost its monopoly on violence, and that these non-state actors have accumulated the ability to demonstrate the balance (or indeed, superiority) of terror against the state. However, the fact that they can move freely, and even grant interviews and hold public office without consequence suggests that they are gradually becoming as powerful (if not more powerful) than our legally constituted authority. It is therefore imperative and urgent that the Nigerian people unite to find a way to overcome this existential threat, rather than waiting for a government deeply in denial! sleep.

Such a summons of the Nigerians concerned should mobilize:

  • All former political leaders at the national level
  • All former governors
  • All authentic traditional rulers of all ethnic nationalities
  • Retired generals and all former senior military/intelligence officers
  • Current and past union and union leaders
  • Leaders of civil society organizations
  • Leaders of youth organizations
  • Diaspora Nigerians
  • Everyone who has won international honors for Nigeria in the past

We recommend that no one be paid to attend this Concerned Citizens Call. All who are concerned about our nation should attend at their own expense and contribute their share to resolving the ongoing issue. At such a gathering, Nigerians should listen to all groups that have grievances against the state (including even bandits/terrorists who are willing to air their grievances) and seek genuine reconciliation rather than a winner-take-all situation /defeated.

We are aware that many Nigerians have lost hope in this government and are only waiting for elections in 2023. However, when it comes to security and the economy, elections are still a long way off. Unless there is an urgent and radical intervention to stop our descent into anarchy, this nation risks finding itself in a situation where elections are difficult (if not impossible) to hold. This is why we must all rise up to help the Buhari administration stabilize the ship of state (after all, Nigeria belongs to all of us). As things stand, if Nigerians place their trust in our political leadership, these terrorists and non-state actors could make good on their threat to invade the federal capital and kidnap the president.

We have reached a point where mere talk is no longer enough. Nigerians must act quickly to save this nation from destruction. Let’s accept the fact that our political leadership has failed us, and let’s galvanize ourselves (through community action aggregations) and act now to save ourselves, before it’s too late. Although he can deny the fact, it is very obvious that the Buhari administration needs help – this government seems to be running out of ideas and momentum on how to solve Nigeria’s myriad problems, security especially. We citizens just have to help our government.

It’s time to act. May 29, 2023 may be too late.

May God protect our country Nigeria.

Akinfenwa is the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ibadan.


The PDP spokesperson recalled how the opposition party had repeatedly warned that the APC government had ceded sovereignty over much of our country to terrorists, “many of whom were imported into our country by the APC”.

He further stated, “In the video, in a brazen manner, terrorists as non-state actors boldly showed their faces, boasting, admitting and confirming their participation in the escape from Kuje prison, whose some were ex-convicts who were either imprisoned or incarcerated. awaiting trial for their previous act of terrorism against our country.

“Nigerians can also recall the admissions of Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir el-Rufai that the APC government knows the plans and whereabouts of the terrorists but failed to act.

According to Ologunagba, around 18,000 Nigerians have been killed by terrorists between 2020 and 2022 “as the criminals continue to be emboldened by the failures and obvious complicity of the APC and to which the PDP had always drawn attention” .

“It’s not politics; it’s about humanity and leadership, which is sadly and sadly lacking in our country right now,” he said.

The PDP added that it is appalled by “the lame response of the seemingly helpless, distraught and deflated Buhari presidency, in which it told a dying nation that President Buhari” has done everything and even more than what he was expected as Commander-in-Chief by way of sustaining the morale, materiel and equipment of the military…”

“This is a direct admission of incapacity and failure on the part of the Buhari presidency and the APC. At such a time, in other climes, the president directly leads the charge and takes drastic measures to save and protect its citizens.

“In times of adversity, the president transforms himself into a chief comforter to give hope and help to the citizens. Painfully, Nigeria does not have a president who cares and can present himself as the chief comforter of the people.

“It has now become very imperative for Nigerians to take notice and realize that the only solution to this unfortunate situation is to hold the APC government accountable. We must unite as people regardless of our political, ethnic and nuns to resist the fascist tendencies of the APC administration.

Ologunagba called for an urgent meeting of the National Council of State to advise on the way forward in the face of worsening insecurity in the country.

“Our nation must not fall. The resilient Nigerian spirit and positive attitude must be rekindled by all to convince the President to immediately and without further delay accede to the request of the PDP and other well-meaning Nigerians to convene an extraordinary session of the National Assembly. Council of State to find a lasting solution since the president is, by his own admission, at the end of his tether,” the PDP spokesman said.

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