Courtney Love completes memoir after ‘decade’ of writing


Singer Courtney Love shared some good news with her fans on Friday when she revealed she’s finally finished writing her memoir. Titled “The Girl with the Most Cake,” the memoir apparently took almost 10 years to write.

The release date of the autobiography has not yet been announced. Sharing the news, Love thanked her ghostwriter Alex Abramovich and her editor Harper Collins. Read on to learn more about the singer and her memoir.

Courtney teased her memoir on Instagram

Announcing the completion of her memoir on Instagram, the 58-year-old singer posted two photos on Instagram in which she was seen holding a draft of her memoir in one hand and the book “My Life With Cleopatra” in the other.

She wrote alongside the photos, “Man(s). I may have just signed my book. After a fucking decade of dragging my ass (Alex Abramovich, Patience of a Saint), HarperCollins, don’t do it again popping the champagne. “Sex work is all the rage!” Sex work is all the rage! Yeah, but the doll is in the middle of a media blackout (quoting the great genius of Del Rey “nobody tells my story except me. Bible.)”

Speaking of when the book is set to launch, she wrote: “There is (no kidding) a very real food chain, so don’t ask me when (the important thing is that it’s good now. )”

Courtney reveals what to expect from the book

In her post, she further wrote about what to expect from memoirs and wrote, “Lots of what Alex calls my “Victorian Adventures” and I seem to have 29 lives and counting. With a crazy luck to be in the right place, at the right time (and sometimes very badly!) »

She also revealed that she had changed the story of the book and wrote, “Lots more fashion too as I changed the fake rags to the wealth story to include my mother/family wealth. & My incredibly glamorous grandmother who went to see the Paris collections & showed me the boning & stitching inside her Balmains & Chanel couture pieces etc.

“F*ck a false narrative because that’s what people ‘like’. The truth is so much more fun, richer, more logical. And there’s a lot of rags too! Someone said ‘your class neutral like a Scottish brogue “because I’ve been all classes, sometimes simultaneously! Anyway. So far so good. CIAO!” she added.

The book was due out in 2013.

Originally, the memoir was to be released in 2013; however, Courtney scrapped the plan in 2014 after calling the project a “disaster”. The you know my name The singer had also published a memoir in 2006. Titled “Dirty Blonde”, the memoir included diary entries, poetry, handwritten lyrics, letters, illustrations, photographs and notes from Love.

Courtney, who is also an actress and writer, moved to London to start work on a new book in 2009, which will finally see the light of day now. The singer was married to legendary musician Kurt Cobain, who sadly committed suicide in 1994.

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