Discover how you can get microloans and get the money you need in 15 minutes with hardly any paperwork and from anywhere. On the next page, you can compare all the available offers in the market and choose an easy microloan for you.

Get your bad credit loan in 15 minutes

When we refer to the term easy microloan, we are talking about a form of quick financing, with which we can get relatively small amounts of money to be repaid in the short term. The process of requesting these products consists of very few steps, which allows us to have the capital in a matter of minutes and without having to do any paperwork or paperwork.

These instant microloans are quick and easy to get money credits, among other things, for their flexible requirements. Because of their convenience and speed of contracting, these products have become an increasingly used alternative to solve emergencies or unforeseen events, surpassing in popularity other financing methods such as credit cards or personal bank loans.

We have already mentioned before that the speed and the few access requirements, among other things, make CitrusNorth Loans an ideal product for many people who have unforeseen events or emergencies.

How to get simple microcredit?

Microfinance companies have grown a lot in Spain in recent years, as their products have occupied a gap that conventional banks left absolutely empty when they closed the credit tap after the outbreak of the economic crisis. Currently, mini-loans continue to be in high demand, since banks do not usually grant loans so quickly and with such flexibility.

As the number of private companies dedicated to granting microloans has grown so much, it is increasingly difficult to find the most convenient product. Therefore, it is necessary to use a comparator like, a tool is very easy to use and allows us to see how much each micro-credit costs without paperwork, how long we can have the money before having to reimburse it and what is the maximum amount that allows us to receive. All the advantages and promotions of each easy microloan are explained in the product file, so choosing and finding the most suitable one will be a very simple task.

To get an easy micro loan we will have to fulfill the conditions that the lender we are going to give us since each one has its own policies. However, there is a series of minimum requirements that are usually required in most financial institutions: be of legal age, have permanent residence in Spain and enjoy regular, sufficient and justifiable income, among others.

5 advantages of hiring an easy microloan

Easy microloans offer several benefits in addition to those already mentioned compared to other types of financial products, so it is advisable to take them into account as an alternative to obtain extra money.

  1. Getting a microloan is easier than getting a credit card and getting a personal loan
  2. There is hardly any paperwork and, therefore, the procedures are smaller and faster
  3. Request and return an easy micro loan makes us advance in the scale of confidence of a company so that every time we will have access to larger amounts of money
  4. The vast majority of these quick micro-credits can be requested 100% online, so we can avoid traveling to the bank branch that does require many bank loans.
  5. They will not require us to justify the purpose for which we want the capital and it will not be necessary for us to be old customers either.

We must not forget either that even being in ASNEF or RAI it is possible to get a microloan online with more than one private lender. Of course, to be granted, some of these companies will ask us to have a debt that does not exceed a certain amount (normally they set the limit at 1,000 euros, although some may stipulate another figure) and that the default is not related to a banking entity.

On the other hand, we must also know that, unlike what happens with many banks, the fact that we do not have a payroll is not an impediment to get a microloan without paperwork. The vast majority of them will be enough to present a document that proves that we have a recurring and demonstrable income. That is to say, it will be worth with a pension, a scholarship or a benefit, for example.

Tools that make asking for mini-credits even easier

Private lenders are, so to speak, digital natives, since from the beginning they have used the Internet and new technologies to offer their services. In addition, in recent years, these companies have been incorporating new systems and applications to further facilitate the contracting of their products. Let’s see how these tools are:

  • Automatic data verification systems such as Instantor or Pich. Thanks to these tools, micro-loan applicants do not have to send documentation, which greatly speeds up the entire authentication process of the information provided.
  • HalCash, the platform that allows micro-credit through a cashier. The lenders who use HalCash send a code to their customers that they can use to withdraw the money from the mini-loan from an ATM belonging to an entity associated with the service.
  • Trustly, the means of payment with which the money is transferred instantly. The time of transfer of the microloans can suffer delays because not all companies work with the same banks as their users. However, those who use Trust are able to transfer money through this tool at once.

Likewise, we must highlight the automatic scoring systems used by most of these lenders, since they allow them to analyze the data of the applicants practically instantly and issue a definitive answer in just a few minutes, something that was previously manual impossible