Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-employee writes book about ‘shocking incidents’ on set

Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-employee writes book about ‘shocking incidents’ on set

The ex-employee of Ellen DeGeneres is currently preparing a book that highlights all the incidents that have occurred on the set.

The book, titled The Devil Wears Covergirl is a talk that aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding all of the shocking incidents and allegations that Ellen has pursued over the past several months.

The ex-employee and former assistant has decided to stay while the iron is still hot and intends never to leave the shocking incidents in the dark again.

News regarding the revealing behind-the-scenes book has been revealed by OKAY! Magazine and according to their findings, “The only books selling right now are Donald Trump’s books, but the exception to this rule is a book about Ellen.”

“This assistant kept a diary detailing all of the shocking incidents that took place during the show and turned those notes into a novel with the working title, The Devil Wears Covergirl.”

The same source also announced, “Because everyone who worked on the show had a nondisclosure agreement in their contract, the book will be a fictional work story on a TV show hosted by a gay comedian. But no ‘have no doubts, it is clear who the book is about.

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