Email and Resume Template for NIL Branded Student-Athlete Offers



  • Jack Betts made 35 NIL deals in 2022, mostly by reaching out to brands on his own.
  • He shared with Insider the sample email and resume he uses to introduce himself to brands.
  • “You have to have some sort of attention-grabbing approach,” Betts said.

College football player Jack Betts is proof that not only Power Five athletes can benefit from NIL.

Betts plays wide receiver for Amherst College, an NCAA Division III program in Massachusetts, and has already signed 35 NIL deals as of 2022. Although Betts won’t make the six figures that some Division I athletes arethe college junior told Insider he earned nearly $6,000 in cash and in-kind from his endorsements this year.

He landed his first brand deal in January after wristband brand LifeStyle Bands reached out to him on Instagram.

This inspired Betts to seek other opportunities on his own.

He started by messaging brands on Instagram, where he had 2,000 followers at the time and now has more than 5,000. But he said that approach didn’t bring in many responses.

So, Betts moved on to sending cold emails, selling himself through a template message and a resume listing his accomplishments.

“You have to have some kind of attention-grabbing approach — these brands don’t have time to scour your Instagram or even just Google you,” Betts said. “I began to be praised by companies for the professionalism of my approach, even at 21 years old.”

Betts secured more than 20 of its NIL contracts by contacting brands directly. The rest came via NIL marketplaces like Mogl and LockerRoom.

Betts shared with Insider the email template and resume he uses to contact brands in hopes that other small-market athletes will learn from his approach.

“I never had anything when I started – I never had anyone to ask,” Betts said. “I want to help these people in the position I was in in January.”

A Simple Email Template Helped Betts Get Over 20 NIL Mentions

Fake email from Jack Betts

Jack Betts

The email reads:

Hello, my name is Jack Betts and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I am a junior wide receiver for Amherst College competing at the DIII level. I am looking for NIL opportunities in which I can become an ambassador for marks of interest. I’ve amassed over 30 NIL deals this spring alone, including Crocs, Allbirds, Whoop, PSD, BodyArmor, ReAthlete, Rhoback, TicketSmarter, and Fanatics. My summer has been busy as I represented my school as a student-athlete delegate at the inaugural NIL Summit in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago and made several podcast appearances talking about my success in this space. I have also spoken about my story to notable media sources such as ESPN, Forbes, and Business Insider.

As a successful Cherokee athlete myself, I will soon be working with Native American media to help better educate other Native athletes about the world of NIL. I am the founder of the Make Your Own Legacy Academy which aims to help not only Indigenous athletes, but all college athletes to maximize their NIL potential. If any opportunities are available, please let me know. I would love to work together!

I will leave my information below.

Instagram: @jbetts21 (5,000 followers)
Twitter: @jrbetts21

TikTok: @jbetts21

Betts introduces himself briefly and his intention to send emails. He lists notable brands he has partnered with and media outlets he has spoken to. It also includes a paragraph about the Make Your Own Legacy Academy, which he launched on August 6 following the publicity he gained as “King of D3 NIL”.

Betts included has a logo and website at the bottom of the post to establish more credibility.

He said he changed his email template “over 20 times” in the past seven months.

Betts also attaches a resume which includes his NIL highlights

Jack Betts Resume / Cover Letter

Jack Betts

Along with the email, Betts attaches a resume with a full list of brands he’s worked with. But, since Betts didn’t start with a long list of endorsements, he also notes his accomplishments as a student-athlete, including his GPA, academic awards, and volunteer work.

“[Brands] want to know they have a hard worker on their team,” Betts said. “It’s a whirlwind pitch on who Jack Betts is.”

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