Emerald City Productions Launches New Podcast Services Website


Florida-based podcast production company Emerald City Productions has launched a new website to share its business with the world, or at least the world of podcasters looking for a production company. Emerald City Productions’ mission is to make the podcasters they work with sound great, and they do so with expert production skills and extensive experience working with the specific production needs of podcasts. Because Emerald City Productions knows there are a lot of steps to producing a great podcast, they promise to take care of every detail, from planning and design to publishing and distribution, and everything in between. rest. The company will even provide ongoing post-production support, including podcast promotion and performance measurement for each podcast. For anyone who has a podcast or wants to start a podcast, Emerald City Productions can take care of all the details, delivering quality podcasts to listeners while freeing up their customers’ energy to focus on ideas and their podcast content, which is usually what they do best.

Emerald City Productions offers a full suite of podcast production services, and they have custom packages of these services to help different podcasters with whatever they need, no matter where they are in their podcasting journey. . For example, their Podcast Starter Package is designed for people and brands who want to start a podcast without making rookie mistakes. For these podcasters, Emerald City Productions offers its trusted expertise to help plan their podcast, design essentials, and produce the content that will keep listeners engaged. Content production includes creating talking points and scripts for each podcast episode, based on content provided by their clients. They provide all the necessary equipment to record the content and can also edit, mix and master these recordings into a top quality show. Once the show is over, Emerald City Productions’ expert production team can also write show notes and add metadata to view files that will be uploaded with the podcast episode to your favorite podcast apps. the listener. This is where information about the podcast can be shared, including links to resources used and information on how to support the podcast or learn more about the brand. With the help of Emerald City Productions, newbie podcast creators can seamlessly launch top-quality podcasts that attract the right audience, without having to do more than provide ideas and content and read them.

Danny Ozment, who founded Emerald City Productions in 2009, explains the benefits of podcasts saying, “Your podcast will build your brand. Podcasts help people hear stories from people they would never have met. When you get your message across through podcasts, you’re helping your audience walk a mile for you. You can open people’s eyes and minds to your mission in a way that helps you both. Sharing stories helps people. When you share your story through podcasts, you help your audience broaden their view of the world. Our job is to make sure your story reaches the right people in the clearest and most effective way possible. Emerald City Productions’ production services ensure that every podcast they touch is the best it can be, so their clients can focus on the message they want to share and trust that their audience will hear it and share it. will understand.

Once a podcast has been created, the production team at Emerald City Productions works to publish and distribute it, starting with building the technical back-end needed to launch and host a podcast. podcast. They can create a website or add a page to an existing website about the podcast, and set up the hosting service accounts needed to share a podcast with the world. They’ll set up all the settings with the hosting service, including show details and an RSS feed that people can use to subscribe to the podcast. They will also add their customers’ podcasts to all the major podcast directories people use to find podcasts to listen to, including Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and more. This is just a small sample of the information available on Emerald City Production’s new website about all the services they have to offer new and existing podcast creators.


For more information about Emerald City Productions, contact the company here:

Emerald City Productions
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