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We have more delicious beers to share in this week’s Tapped In CT.

Beers are a little lighter this week as the state expects temperatures in the upper 80s and lots of sunshine. You have a pair of delicious sours, a low ABV milk stout, a classic German lager and a unique take on the Extra Special Bitter. A Double New England IPA is also the only outlier, but it’s hard not to have at least one on a list like this.

Check out what’s on offer below and grab a pint with friends and family!

Although they are best known for their Ice Cream Man and other New England IPA offerings, Back East has a wide list of other beers to choose from. Their Peanut Butter Shot Milk Stout is one of them: an easy 5.4% with just the right amount of sweetness.

“This Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout encompasses rich aromas of roasted malts, sweet chocolate and peanut butter cup. The Peanut Butter Shot That Doesn’t Hurt!

It’s hard to beat a New England IPA. Brewery Legitimus pushed it up to a heavy Double, loaded with their favorite New England hops to give it loads of fruity, delicious flavor.

“Sometimes the teddy bear is so cute and adorable that you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of it. ripe plums, mangoes, with a touch of blood orange and a hint of lime and very low bitterness.

Want something light and refreshing? You better have a pint of Myrcene Ale Co. Ragged Rock Lager. At a modest 5%, it displays all the malty and full-bodied notes you are looking for in this summer must-have.

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Malty, full-bodied with hints of light caramel.

Don’t let the name fool you: CAB collaborated with Tørst is a doozy of a beer. Nomen Horribilies is deep and complex, with a mix of various barrel-aged sours that are then fermented “over stuffed blackberry skins, fouder-aged sour beer and spontaneously fermented kombucha.”

“Nomen Horribilis is a collaborative blend between Tørst and OEC Brewing. We spent an entire day digging through an extensive catalog of casks and created the following blend for your viewing pleasure. The final blend is a sour beer fermented on stuffed blackberry skins, a fouder-aged sour beer, and spontaneously fermented kombucha. 4.2%ABV/2019″

Labyrinth Brewing Company got a sour with a blend of citrus flavors, not too far off from your favorite sour gummies. Don’t forget to check out their events page and see what’s to come!

This refreshing citrus punch will tantalize your taste buds and make you want to play some air guitar. *contains lactose

A brewery that needs an introduction, Willibrew has an easy drinking beer that is perfect for sitting outside and having a bite to eat. Their Anytown, USA is their version of the English Special Bitter which is pleasing to the palate while having awesome flavors.

“An unfiltered American Special Bitter brewed with English malts, Stonewall Apiary Honey and American Ahtanum hops.”

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