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Fantasy Football Scout community writer Greyhead returns for the 2022/23 season with his series of articles analyzing the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) transfers and strategies of some renowned Fantasy managers, serial finishers from the top 10k to familiar faces.

The Great and The Good this season are the BlackBox pair of Marc Sutherns and Azboy scouts Joe Lepper, Tom Freeman, Neale Rigg, Geoff DanceProfessional experts Pras, Zophar and FPL HarryFPL “celebrities” Magnus Carlsen, FPL General, LTFPL Andy, Ben Crelinof the Hall of Fame, Fabio Borges, FPL Matthew, Finn Sollie and Tom Stephenson and of course last year’s mini-league winner and number 2 overall Suvansh.

“Things that jostle in the night”

FPL put on their own horror show this weekend with cries of terror as early team news ruled out our default season captain Erling Haaland (£12.2m), plus Phil FodenThe (£8.5million) bench gave us pumpkin to talk about before the lights went out completely when the website went down.

Due to the FPL power cut, many managers wondered if this Bukayo Saka (£8.0million) transfer had taken place, although his injury means there is an additional jump scare for those who got it, and for those who failed Pep stuck the knife in bringing in Foden for his one-point cameo.

The rest of Saturday saw ominous whites galore – Ivan Toney (£7.4million) gave us its own Yellow Peril, Wilfried Zaha(£7.6m) owners continued to go through their own personal hell and the only ones laughing maniacally were those who had Callum Wilson (£7.4m) in their squad.


It was wizarding thought to expect anything more than a blood red arrow in Gameweek 14 with all but the brave Pras and Tom Freeman suffering that fate.

Tom had his 6-6-6 back line to thank for his horrible green with Kieran Trippier (£5.8m) providing an extra sleight of hand with another double-digit haul.

Pras was the brave hero this weekend making a deal with the value devil himself Haaland by selling him for Gabriel Jesus (£8.0million), which gave him holy green.

The other notable action was Magnus Carlsen’s decision to become captain Son Heung-min (£11.7million) for the third time in four weeks. He ghosted him on every occasion, providing just 14 captain points overall during that span.


Everyone fell in love with Saka this week as they signed him en masse only for his early withdrawal to leave them scared of his chances of playing ahead of the World Cup.

Suvansh took another hit, his fourth of the campaign so far with the Arsenal man and also Marcus Rashford (£6.6million), which proved a fantastic transfer.

The full list of moves is below:

  • Az – None
  • LTFPL Andy – Saka (Foden)
  • Ben Crellin – None
  • Fabio Borges – None
  • Finn Sollie – Saka (Bowen)
  • FPL Harry – Saka (Andreas)
  • Joe Lepper – Saka (Foden)
  • Geoff Dance – Foden (Barnes)
  • FPL General – Saka (Zaha)
  • Magnus Carlsen – None
  • Mark Sutherns – Foden (Bowen)
  • FPL Matthew – Zaha (Bowen)
  • Neale Rigg – None
  • Pras–Jesus (Haaland)
  • Suvansh – Saka, Rashford (Foden, Bowen)
  • Tom Freeman – Saka (Foden)
  • Tom Stephenson – None
  • Zophar – Saka (Foden)


The pattern for The Great and The Good is as follows, with the number in parentheses indicating the number of teams they appear on:

Pope (11), parish (11)

Trippier (18), Cancelo (14), Guehi (9), Williams (7), Doherty (6)

Martinelli (17), Salah (16), Zaha (16), Andreas (15), Foden (11)

Mitrovic (18), Haaland (17), Solanke (7)

The model continues in his zombie state, Saka must wonder how he didn’t make the cut and just misses, with 10 possessing him entering the Nottingham Forest game.


Now it’s time to pick the bones whose Premier League sides have garnered the most investment from The Great and The Good, with a comparison to the start of the season (Gameweek 3) to see how fortunes have changed:

No surprise to see Manchester City still the dominant force and considered top of the Halloween treat list, just five out of a treble in every Great and Good team.

Arsenal and Fulham players continue to play an important role in deciding the color of managers’ arrows, but it’s the rise of Newcastle United and Crystal Palace that’s garnering the most attention, with their performances spookies on the pitch prompting The Great and The Good to pull out their whimsical checkbook.

On the other side of this equation, we see Liverpool players becoming less popular due to their gruesome form, while Potter’s rotation is a nightmare and means neither manager wants to bet on Chelsea players.


It’s been hard to make it real this week with so many red arrows and many of us not wanting to do anything too scary with the restriction of the next World Cup just weeks away.

However, let’s try to end this haunting tale with a happy ending. Looking at the leaderboards, there are only 54 points between 1 million and 100,000 in total. So you can still escape the FPL boogeyman and have a good end to the season.

For those concerned with any of the topics raised in the article above, you can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Greyhead19

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