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If you’re a restaurant manager or owner, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of your employees’ schedules. Between managing shift changes, reducing overtime costs, and employee absences, there’s a lot to manage from week to week. While the best way to stay on top of all these changes is to use BarSight Restoration Systems cloud-based staff scheduling softwaresometimes you might just want a simple downloadable Excel template to get you started.

We’ve created a free restaurant schedule template that can help you plan more easily. Included with your download are 2 files:

  • Free weekly schedule.xlsx – Which contains comments and sample employee entry.
  • Free Weekly Schedule – Blank.xlsx – Which is completely blank, ready to enter your employees’ names and working hours.

Both versions are nearly identical in format, and we recommend that you open the sample version and read the comments to make sure you understand how to complete the schedule.

How to Use the Free Excel Template

To keep things simple and accessible to everyone, we’ve made this weekly schedule as basic as possible. Simply enter the names of your employees, followed by their daily shift start and end times. We have added Excel formulas that will automatically display the total hours worked per day, and with a total hours worked for the week.

This restaurant schedule template can handle up to 16 employees, on a Sunday-Saturday schedule. To enter a start or end time for a shift, you can use several different formats which will automatically convert to the correct time format. For example, you can type:

After pressing the ENTER key, the cell should change to 24-hour format. If you see #VALUE! such as hour totals, the time format you entered is incorrect. Note that if you use am or pm when entering the offset time, you must leave a space between the time and the am/pm notation.

Printing your weekly schedule

This Excel template was designed to be printed horizontally (landscape) rather than the default portrait style. When you go to print this calendar, be sure to set the scaled to fit on one pageotherwise you may print multiple pages.

Unlock spreadsheet

If this calendar needs some tweaking to suit your needs, you can unlock/unprotect the sheet. We initially locked it to prevent formulas from being accidentally erased. To unlock the spreadsheet just enter the password BarSight in the dialog box. You will be able to add more rows of employees, change the order of the schedule, etc. Just keep an eye on when moving cells containing a calculation.

Want more for your restaurant?

Register To get our restaurant planning software free for 30 days, no credit card is needed and you can get started in minutes. Create your staff schedules from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet and publish our employees immediately. Our software automatically validates your weekly schedule with your employees’ availability and time off requests, letting you know immediately if there is a problem with the schedule.

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