Fujitsu Introduces New Write Features in Quaderno Gen 2 Update


One of the advantages of choosing a Fujitsu Quaderno is that the company regularly releases new firmware updates, offering many new features and improvements. A few days ago the company released 1,100,09250 for the second generation Quaderno A4 and A5. They have improved handwriting-related functions, such as pen pressure. They now support charging from USB PD devices and have also fixed connectivity with MAC computers using the M1 chip.

There are also some new features when it comes to the overall writing experience. There are now three types of pens, such as pencil, nib, and brush. There are also four different pen colors, black, blue, red, white. These colors do not show on the electronic paper screen, only if you take screenshots or export your notes as PNG or PDF files and export them to your computer. If you are a fan of highlighters, there are two types of highlighters, freestyle and text. These reflections can also be colored in blue, green, red and yellow.

The best part about this update is probably that the Quaderno is now pressure sensitive with the stylus. You can now press lightly or hard and get a different line thickness. It’s a feature that many users have requested, and it’s finally here.

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