GoodNotes 5 improves the notes app in every way


GoodNotes is one of the most popular note apps on iOS and Mac. and with good reason. It combines a great PDF viewer with a free form notes app and mixes the two together. This week, GoodNotes 5 launched, a brand new app (with upgrade pricing for old app users) that removes dust and old-fashioned app UI in favor of ‘a clean and organized view.

GoodNotes has always been good at grades

I have used GoodNotes for a while. I really like that you can take a PDF and add it. A user manual can become a personal guide, with notes, pictures and brand new pages. I appreciate its handwriting recognition as well, although I never liked that handwriting research was limited to the current notebook.

I stopped using it after it continued to hang on me and failed to sync. I was also fed up with the clunky interface, which made it seem like I was always typing and couldn’t find anything.

Good Notes 5

This is all fixed in GoodNotes 5. For starters, it’s a lot cleaner. You can organize by folders and nest as many folders as you want. You also display everything in a list view. In fact, it looks a lot like the native iOS Files app.

GoodNotes 5 on iPad and iPhone.
Photo: GoodNotes

Better yet, you can now search your entire collection of documents and files, including your handwritten notes. Worth the upgrade there. And speaking of upgrades, GoodNotes 5 has a good interpretation. The app costs $ 7.99, but it also comes with the previous version. If you purchased GoodNotes 4, you can purchase this pack for as little as $ 0, depending on the price you paid for the valuable version. I paid $ 1 for the package.

A great upgrade

There’s a lot more to this version – a redesigned toolbar and overall a much nicer look. In short, if the old version frustrated you in any way, those frustrations are probably fixed now. You might as well try it. After all, for existing users, it will only cost you money or less to do so.

Good Notes 5

Price: $ 7.99

To download: GoodNotes 5 from the App Store (iOS)

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