Grammarly Writing Assistant – My Expectations vs Reality


Editor’s note: I recently started a new job – my first job – and it involves a lot of writing, from important emails to detailed reports. Because I wanted to feel more confident in my writing, I signed up for Grammarly, a brilliant writing assistant.

My expectations

I’ve always used Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checking features to reinforce my writing. However, when I started my new job, I quickly realized that it was insufficient. Effective communication is key to getting things done efficiently and accurately. I needed to be more confident in my writing and not spend an entire hour on just one email. Also, it’s my first big job, so I felt the pressure to succeed.

A writer friend suggested Grammar – a free writing assistant that lends a second pair of eyes to proofread while you write.

I highly doubted it was anything other than a regular spell check. How much a free serve be? And when I understood that I had to create an account, I was a little worried.

So I turned to the web for recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Grammar kept popping up with tons of five-star positive reviews, like:


“Grammar has helped me enormously in writing professional emails, business reports and even text messages. I have more confidence in all my writing. Grammar is a productive tool that I cannot live without every day.

—David L.

The grammar looked promising – far better than I originally thought. So I decided to try.

My experience

Signing up for Grammarly was quick and easy. Now that I have it set up in my browser, it automatically fixes any mistakes I make. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an email, a blog post, or even a Facebook post.

But what excites me the most is that Grammar really improve my grammar and punctuation. It is a brilliant writing assistant that works on laptop, desktop and mobile.

As you write, Grammarly’s constant suggestions help you find the right tone. It analyzes your phrasing and word choice and even allows you to tailor these prompts to suit your goals and audience.

It is a fantastic tool that will improve your communication skills in so much many ways! I wish I had this software when I was in school. It would have saved a lot of time and improved my grades. I now use it every day. I honestly can’t imagine going back to my pre-Grammar life.

Soon, I’ll probably upgrade to the Premium version, which includes sentence rewrites focused on clarity, plagiarism detection, and many other advanced features.

If you’re looking to write more effectively and confidently without spending a penny, I can’t recommend Grammarly highly enough. Effective writing requires more than good grammar — you’ll see!

Click this link now to try Grammarly for free!

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