The economic situation and the need to find options that allow obtaining additional income lead to consider initiatives that mean considerable savings in our expenses.

One of them is to consider reducing the cost of house, apartment or apartment by renting one or more rooms under various modalities. We can rent with the condition of sharing all expenses, only some expenses or only receiving a rent per room.

The modality of sharing a flat


House or apartment gives us advantages such as the reduction of current expenses by half: rent, water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet; of the expenses of maintenance and repair of any breakdown such as the rupture of a pipe or the heating, of the expenses of the weekly, fortnightly or monthly purchase, as well as it allows us a significant saving of time especially when dividing the daily tasks of the home and assume each responsibility for living together. Coexistence involves the construction of common rules and responsibilities that must be respected.

The possibility of renting to share only some expenses

The possibility of renting to share only some expenses

On the other hand, the possibility of renting to share only some expenses raises the option of a partial reduction of our expenses. This is that we can rent a room with the option of using the kitchen and the fridge or with the option of allowing a small fridge inside the room or rent guaranteeing a service like internet, which leads us to share expenses such as electricity, payment of internet or additional gas to the amount for the rent of the room.

When we opt for a simple, one-room rental, with expenses included, it means having only the amount of the rent monthly, assuming unilaterally the rest of the house or apartment charge as expenses, repairs … For those who rent it is a relationship less committed to space and even a little smaller by having to accommodate only the size of the room. This type of modality is regulated by the Civil Code and in it, when signed, it should be clear not only the conditions in which we rent but until the date when the tenant will leave our house.

The disadvantages of the rent in any of the three cases

The disadvantages of the rent in any of the three cases

Are given by the election of inadequate people, that we do not know and that do not assume the responsibility of the monthly payment or the norms of coexistence; It is essential to be able to share the expenses with known people or with whom we have some type of references, although this does not guarantee us 100% confidence.

On the other hand, when sharing expenses, it implies at the same time duties and rights that must be expressly clear as part of the commitment acquired and which must also become the norms of coexistence or internal functioning of the house.

It will always be a good option to lower our costs by sharing or renting our flat. We just have to make sure we always do it through a written contract, with clear rules and regulations and with a lot of communication and respect. Surely, it can be one of the most transcendental, nutritious and beautiful experiences of life.