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Many people confuse Notion and, using them interchangeably, when in fact there are notable differences between the two. The first is “all-in-one workspace” software for note taking, planning, managing and organizing information for increased efficiency and productivity., on the other hand, is a domain extension that allows users to host a Notion workspace for personal and collective content sharing. The amazing thing about is that it allows people to save pages from it to their private workspace. This article will show how seamlessly you can do that.

How to save templates from

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, Notion users should note that they can only add templates to their workspace if the creators of those templates have enabled this option. To add a template from to your private Notion workspace, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open the link to the page you want to add to your private Notion workspace.
  1. Select the “Duplicate” option in the upper right corner of your screen. At this point, you should see the page in your private workspace.
Add a model notion duplicate function
  1. View and customize the template to your specific needs, and you’re done! Your new template is set up and ready to use.

How to share a notion model you created

If you’ve created a template and want to share your masterpiece with other members of the Notion community, follow these steps:

  1. Open the model you want to share.
  1. Click the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  1. Enable the “Share to Web” option. This allows anyone with the link to access the model.
  1. Enable the “Allow duplication as template” option. If you want users to modify the template according to their needs, also enable the “Allow modification” option.

Copy the template URL to your clipboard so you can share the link with anyone who wants to access your template and duplicate it for personal use.

If you’re struggling to master the Notion app or think the software has a steep learning curve, check out other note-taking and organization software to compare and see what’s best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add templates from if I’m using the free Notion plan?

Yes! All Notion users can save pages from as templates to their private Notion workspace.

Why can’t I see the “duplicate” option?

If you open a link and the duplicate option is not visible (in the upper right corner of your screen), the creator has not enabled the “Share” option. To duplicate such a page, ask permission from the creator. Once they grant you access, you can save it to your private workspace.

Can I share a template I created with people outside of my workspace?

Absolutely! To do this, invite them to your workspace via email so they can view and access the model as guests.

Image credit: Unsplash All screenshots by Tayo Sogbesan

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