How to Budget: The Monthly Budget Template You Need



If you decide to create a budget, you are already well on your way to managing your money. Because not having led to overspending. The good news is that it’s never too late to start building your budget. The most important step is to start.

How to make a budget exactly?

Start by looking at your monthly income and monthly expenses. Next, think about your financial goals. And choose a budget that will help you achieve those goals. Psst… here’s some help finding the right one budget for you.

To slow down. Is there a monthly budget template I can use?

Use this to plan your expenses each month.

And here’s how to break down your budget:

We’ve put together a few examples for each section to make building your budget a little easier.

net salary

This is the amount of your income after all deductions. like taxes, 401(k) insurance contributions and premiums.

Additional income

Hello, side hustle. This part of your budget is for the extra dollars you bring in each month. If it fluctuates, indicate the average amount of your budget. Oh, and don’t forget to count alimony, child support, your tax refund — all the money you get on top of your paycheck.

Monthly expenses

This section is for bills that you pay regularly. Think rent or mortgage, car payments or your phone bill. And debt refunds.

Irregular costs

This includes your insurance premiums, residence upkeep or education costs for your family.


These are the expenses that can easily lead to overspending. But your desires are also important. Because rewarding yourself can motivate you to stick to your budget. Psst..Yes, you can still eat at your favorite restaurant sometimes. But plan ahead.

Financial goals

How much do you need to save to reach your goals? This is where you put money aside for your emergency fund. Or that house you plan to buy in a few years.

Can someone else do it for me?

If writing everything down seems overwhelming, you can also use a budgeting app. Some let you create a category for your goals, and the technology does all the tracking. Others allow you to separate your money into virtual envelopes.


Everyone’s budget is different. But the basic elements that go into building one are generally the same. Define your Goals and stay on top of your spending, even if it’s through an app.

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