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You are here because you are trying to do something good for someone in need. The world could use a few more people like you. Yet fundraising, even on a small scale, still takes a lot of work. If you’ve decided that a raffle is the way to go, we’re here to help.

In this article, you will learn how to create raffle tickets using Microsoft Word templates.

How to Make Raffle Tickets in Microsoft Word

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Word templates are wonderful things. Microsoft and hundreds of other companies have created free templates for almost everything.

You can create personalized meeting agendas, org charts, resumes, and calendars in minutes. A personalized calendar can also be a great fundraiser!

Before you get started, there are a few things you should know about raffles.

Tips for a successful raffle

Your raffle may be subject to gambling commission or tax laws. Check with your municipality, state or province and federal governments to make sure your raffle is legal.

These ministries are not just executors. These are often great resources on how to run a successful fundraising raffle. Raffles are fun! Getting into trouble with the law or the tax authorities is not.

As soon as your legal bases are covered, you’ll want to make sure your raffle tickets make the show easy and successful. Printing your own tickets can help. This could save you money and give you full control over the appearance of your tickets.


Note that if you are having a 50/50 raffle at an event, it is probably the easiest and cheapest to buy pre-made tickets. You can usually buy them cheaply at a dollar store.

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To effectively design your raffle tickets, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you donate donated items? Put the donor’s name on each ticket. It’s a good way to thank them for their generosity.
  • Are the donated items visually appealing? If it’s artwork or expensive items, try putting pictures of them on the tickets.
  • Is it a draw? Make sure the values ​​are easy to see from a distance. An eye-catching ticket is more likely to be put on the refrigerator. This keeps the name of your charity in mind.

To make sure people get their prizes, give them plenty of space to write their name, address, and phone number. Some people are reluctant to give out their address, but make sure you have a printed name and phone number.

You can also put a space to get their email address. With more than one way to contact the winner, it will be easier to ensure they receive their prize.

That’s enough advice for now. You’ll reach your fundraising goal in no time. Let’s learn how to create raffle ticket templates in Word.

1. Using the Microsoft Word template

It’s true. There is already a free raffle ticket template in Word. It is included with Microsoft Word 2010 and up to Office 365. As of Homepage menu in Word, select more models. Then type “raffle tickets” in the search box. You will see a thumbnail image of the raffle ticket template.

Raffle ticket template in Word 365

Click on it and a new window will open. This window tells you a little more about the model. To use it, just click on the To create button. You will need to be connected to the Internet to download it.

Create a document from a template in Word 365

Most of the changes you make on the first ticket are automatically applied to all other tickets as well. No tiring copy and paste is necessary. The template only shows five tickets, but once you’ve set them up the way you want, simply multiply them using copy and paste.

Editing a raffle ticket template in Word 365

Note, however, that the sequential numbering of tickets is not automatic in these models. We’ll see how to add this later.

Word Templates Bundled Raffle Tickets

Word Templates Bundle has six different raffle templates available free of charge. Two of these are basic tickets that would be great for things like a raffle in the office or in the classroom. The other four are the most useful, as they perform automatic serial numbering.

The four models with automatic serial numbering are pretty cool. One of them will most likely suit your needs. You can also modify them.

If you plan to do this, save the original model separately. This will give you a new model, in case you need it. Save it as a normal .docx file.

Sample Softball Raffle Ticket from Raffleticketstemplates

You can find more designs at Raffle Ticket Templates. Tickets are at the standard rate. They have different sizes, layouts and downloads for Microsoft Word and CorelDRAW.

Editing posts in Word is the same as editing anything, so you can really customize them however you want. You can print them out and cut them out with a letter opener or scissors. You can also order perforated sheets that you can tear off.

Have your volunteers put them together into booklets and you are good to go.

Hloom Cancer Support Raffle Ticket

Although the pronunciation of Hloom is subject to debate, they have a few excellent ticket templates. With 14 completely different models, you should be able to find something that you can use.

You’ll find lottery designs for your dream home, cash prizes, and even a perfect template for cancer charity fundraising.

Raffle Ticket Creator Sample

This handy web application allows you to personalize your ticket right in your browser. He takes care of the size and numbering for you. It allows you to customize the colors, borders, image and even the font type.

If you don’t need it to look fancy, this is a great time saver.

Using the SEQ function in Word for automatic numbering of raffle tickets

The SEQ function, or sequential numbering function, in Microsoft Word is the best and fastest way to number your tickets. SEQ automatically serializes the number on each ticket. This ensures that you don’t have double numbers.

To see if a model uses the SEQ function, you must first download the model. Then open it in Word, click in the middle of a serial number, and then right click.

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When the context menu opens, find the choice Modify the field … If it does not appear, your model is not using the SEQ function. If it exists, click on it.

When the following window opens, you should see SEQ in the Advanced field properties box. This model definitely uses SEQ.

SEQ in Word 365 field options

A SEQ compatible template is very quick and easy to create many serialized tickets.

You can easily add automatic SEQ numbering to a raffle ticket. Just follow this video tutorial from RaffleTicketCreator.

Now you don’t have to edit every number or manually update every field. It is far too tedious. The lottery might be over before you are done.

Simply copy the template by pressing CTRL + A. If you copied an entire page, create a new blank page by pressing CTRL + Enter.

Then paste the copied ticket, page or pages using CTRL + V. Create a new blank page and paste again. Continue in this way until you have the desired number of pages you will need.

To update all these SEQ fields at once, select everything again with CTRL + A. Now press the Alt + Shift + U keys. All of your tickets will now be updated and numbered sequentially. The whole process takes a few seconds.

Get the raffle!

You have some tips to help make your raffle more successful. There are several free Word ticket templates to choose from. You know how to number tickets sequentially in two different ways.

All that’s left for you to do is go sell those tickets, do the raffle, and then feel good about helping someone. And for saving so much money while getting personalized tickets!

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