How to protect your photos on iPhone with the Notes app

IT security
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IT security

Sometimes it might be interesting to be able to protect some pictures in iPhone photo gallery. You may not know it, but there are several ways to achieve it.

IOS Notes allow you to add attachments and also lock those notes

One of them is to use the iOS feature that allows you to hide a folder of images, so that the images in it don’t even appear among those that can be seen from the image carousel.

However, there is also another way to protect photos (and of course videos) and that also adds a layer of security. In this case, we are going to tell you how to protect your pictures on iPhone through the Notes app on your iOS phone. The way to achieve this is as follows:

-To open Notes app

-To create a new remark

-Hurry on the camera icon that appears at the bottom of the screen

-Hurry on “Choose a photo or a video”

-To select the photos and videos you want to hide / protect

-Brand with “Add”

-Hurry the icon with the three dots at the top right of the Notes application

-To select “Lock” (icon with closed padlock)

-Create a password for this note. The system will ask you to repeat the password entry to verify that there is no error. A control question can be added and depending on the iOS device used, unlocking can be added via TouchID or FaceID.

From that moment this note will be locked and it is only accessible after entering the correct password (or with the appropriate biometric identification). Thus the images and / or videos that will have been recorded in said note will be masked and protected.

The most important thing to remember is that when you are done viewing a locked note the locking function must be reactivated by clicking on the padlock icon that will appear in the upper right corner.


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