How to Set Up FaceID Lock for Your Notes App on iOS


If you’re not sure you have a solid memory and are good at remembering passwords, never use it to lock down your most important apps. Luckily, iOS offers an alternative – FaceID lock. So, if you use Notes app to save important information and want to keep it private, enable FaceID lock for your Notes app and see how it works.

Enable FaceID lock for your Notes app on iOS

FaceID lock for Notes app on iOS works the same way the app can be locked and unlocked on MacBook using a fingerprint/Apple ID. You will only need to use your notes password once at the start of the process.

  1. Open the Notes app and create a new note or choose one from the list. In the upper right corner, tap the Menu icon (three dots).
  2. Select the To block option.

    Notes app lock icon

  3. When prompted for the device passcode to lock notes, tap the Use iPhone passcode button.

    Use iPhone Passcode Button

  4. You will receive a message informing you that your locked notes have been updated with your device passcode. Faucet OKAY for further.
  5. You will see a open icon at the top of your note. To lock it, press the icon.

    Unlock icon

  6. This will lock the note.

    Show note

  7. Now if you want to unlock the note again, hold it close to your face to use your FaceID and open it.

    Unlock Notes

This is how you can ensure that your notes are only accessible to you and no one else if they store your personal data, such as financial details, medical information or website logins.

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