HP-200LX runs the website like it’s the 90s


The palmtop HP-200LX was a fascinating machine for its time, and [Terrence Vergauwen] proves that its time is not yet over, given that one is in charge of serving the site for palm tubea website and YouTube channel dedicated to vintage fins.

On its own, an HP-200LX doesn’t quite have what it takes to act as a modern web server, but it doesn’t take much to provide the missing pieces. A PCMCIA network adapter provides an Ethernet connection and a NAS holds website content while networking and web server software runs locally. Stable power comes from a wall adapter, but two rechargeable AA batteries in the 200LX itself act as a mini-UPS, providing backup power in the event of a blackout.

The HP-200LX was a revolutionary product that arrived at just the right time, predating other true handheld computers like the IBM PC 110. In the early 90s, it was unimaginable that one could have an MS- Fully functional DOS in its pocket, not to mention one that could last for weeks on a few AA batteries. It didn’t have a proprietary operating system or weird ports, and that kind of functionality is part of why, some 30 years later, we’re able to handle web traffic so competently.

A video overview of the machine and how it works can be found in the video embedded below. What if you’re more interested in what an HP-200LX looks like on the inside? This video is about tearing down and repairing a 200LX.

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