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Some say, “Thank you”.

Some say, “I’m thinking of you.

Some say, “I’m grateful to have met you.”

And, some just say “Hi”.

They all say, “I love you”.

You see, I’m a talker; A communicator.

I love words and the way they roll out of my mouth and into the hearts of those who receive them. I love giving pieces of myself to others by sending a gift that carries my thoughts with it.

Life may be too easy for us today. We simply type a note through our emails or SMS and it is magically in the hands of the recipient within seconds.

I remember the magic of writing a letter to my grandmother asking for my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and waiting anxiously for the Postal Service to deliver their response.

People also read…

I remember waiting two weeks for a letter from my sister with the long-awaited photos of my newborn nephew, then hastily writing back to her saying, “Send more!” Send more!”

I kept boxes full of love notes.

I have letters my dad wrote to my mom when they were dating.

I have letters my grandmother wrote to her mother when she was pregnant with my father.

I have a bundle of mementos tied with a ribbon from one of my best friends when we exchanged letters every week the year before he passed.

I have a postcard my dad wrote to me when I was four years old and he was on temporary leave with the Air Force.

I have the first Mother’s Day cards my kids gave me with their little pencil scribbles and the last note my son ever wrote to me.

I have 20 years of my husband’s valentine cards that contain personal thoughts and moments of love.

I have slips of paper that my mother wrote notes on after a visit and hid them for me to find later.

I have notes and letters from people who have read my column or heard me speak and take the time to share their lives and thoughts with me.

Today we have immediacy and instant gratification. But there is magic in holding a lovingly created note; Trace the swirl of handwriting with your finger; See the ink stains or notice the faint smell of the sender’s perfume or cologne; knowing that the message has traveled across the country or even across town to reach your hand.

When I put pen to paper, I pour out my thoughts and emotions with the intention of someone else holding them. My love and my energy travel with my words. From my hand to their hand, I want them to hold the gift of me. The gift of love.

Heart-to-heart communication cannot be generated by a machine. It’s personal.

I send love notes. They all say, I love you.

Pennie’s life lesson: “Take the time to write a love note to someone you love – make it personal.”

Pennie Hunt was born and raised in Rapid City. She is the author of the book “Love Your Life- NO MATTER WHAT -76 Tips to Journey Through Grief and Loss” and the book “Love Your Life- NO MATTER WHAT -76 Tips to Live Life With Love and Gratitude”. She writes the blog “From the Corner of Spirit & Brave”. She is a professional speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. Email: [email protected]

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