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Today I embrace my inner Buzzfeed writer and choose to respond to the self-care journal prompts. Will I expose myself as an emotional wreck? Will some of these questions be difficult to answer? I guess we’ll see!

Using a random number generator and prompts from https://putthekettleon.caI’ll answer some self-care questions and see if I can improve my mental health!

19. Find a photo you like and describe it.

After spending 20 minutes scrolling through all my photos (I have about a million), I settled on a photo I took for a class project. To set the stage, the class was a college class in BioArt (combining art with biology) and the project involved taking a picture using a Foldscope or a microscope and use it creatively. The photo shows a piece of onion skin, enlarged about 140 times and dyed green with food coloring. The light from a mini flashlight shines brighter in some places, and interesting patterns are created in places where the dye is thicker than others. Onion cells are oblong and somewhat rectangular, with rounded corners and thick cell walls. To me, it looked like stained glass, and that’s the direction I took my project. Now, I could spend an hour looking at the foldscope alone (a microscope… PAPER??!!) but I won’t. This photo and all of its parts remind me why I love science. The fact that I was able to take something the world created and turn it into art (I used the image to create a stained glass image depicting the duality of science in religion and art), that I could then share with everyone, is very special tome. I want to share my love for science with everyone.

9. Write inspirational quotes.

This one is honestly quite boring. Those who have been friends with me for a while know that I have an entire wall full of quotes written on sticky notes. These quotes have been collected by me, my sisters and my friends over the years; Basically, all the quotes they love from movies, TV, songs and books ended up on the wall. Instead of sharing inspirational quotes, I will be sharing some of the sticky note wall quotes with you. First, from my favorite book of all time, Dorian Gray’s photofound in the preface (a sort of poem written by Oscar Wilde): “All art is utterly useless” (a link to the full quote is here). Of course, Wilde meant that the sole purpose of art is to exist and to be beautiful. Although I think there are other uses for art, this quote is particularly special to me because it frees art to have a purpose; it allows people to make art for art’s sake. Then a quote from Lion King: “You can be a fat pig too!”, which of course comes from the scene in the movie where Timon and Pumbaa try to distract the hyenas. This quote is handwritten in approximately 80 point font on a piece of neon yellow bristol board because it’s so important. Finally, the quote “Where’s the fancy bread, in the art or in the head” which is written in stylized calligraphy by my youngest sister. Avid Shakespeare fans may recognize this quote, as it appears in The merchant of Venice, the crucial difference being that “bread” is actually meant to be “high”. This quote also appears in the 1971 masterpiece Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, when Willy Wonka randomly says it after Violet turns into a blueberry. For YEARS my sisters and I wondered what he meant by “fancy bread”. That stupid moment is now immortalized on my bedroom wall.

6. Write why it is important to be strong.

I think this question was meant to reveal something very deep, for example my reason for being alive, which has been hidden from me until now. Unfortunately for putthekettleon.com, this question is very easy for me to answer. I need to be strong so that others feel they can confide in me or come to me when they don’t feel strong. The people I’ve been friends with for 10 years have never seen me really get angry or scream or cry. Although I’m the first person to admit that I’m having a hard time, I’ll never let anyone see how things affect me. That’s all I have to say about it.

1. What was your favorite childhood book?

My favorite childhood book was this book called Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver. It was the story of a little girl who was locked in her room by her stepmother and befriended a ghost named Po. They ended up having an adventure I can’t remember , but I remember the book being very comforting to me and my go-to for book reviews. I think I must have done at least four reading reports on this during elementary school. I also liked The Hobbit and the Nancy Drew series. I was a very curious kid, and I loved putting together clues and trying to solve mysteries like Nancy did. I also liked The magic treehouse series and I still own them all (until the time I stopped reading them, I’m pretty sure there are many more now). I think the main thing I can take away from my favorite books is that I liked books that could teach me things, and I also liked adventure.

29. What are your favorite hobbies?

Again, this one is a bit boring, but I promised to answer this randomly, and I will keep that promise. I like to draw and paint. Sometimes I get hyper-fixed on a certain subject, and all my drawings will be on that specific subject for a long time. Recently that subject has been Marilyn Monroe. Over the past two years I have collected over 30 drawings of her alone. I’ve been in a bit of a pop art phase lately. Anyway, I love art. I also started collecting old movies, mostly the ones with Marilyn Monroe (I’m obsessed), but also some classic detective stories like Dial M for murder and other classics like my lovely lady. I love reading. Lately I’ve been too tired to focus on reading, not classes, but I have a TBR list of a million books, which is a real sign of someone who loves to read. Lastly, I love to cook. As I write this, I’m already anticipating the baked feta pasta I’m going to make tonight (a viral TikTok recipe that I missed the first time around).

So there you have it: five randomly answered self-care writing prompts. I hope you liked it!

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