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Buy personalized and personalized gift cards for Amazon Kindle books


DENVER, CO, USA, Feb. 2, 2022 / — Kindle Book Gift Cards, creators of personalized physical gift cards for Amazon Kindle Books, today announced that through its website, users can now personalize and personalize gift cards for Kindle books.

According to the United States Postal Service, over the past 10 years, the number of first-class mail items received by the Postal Service has dropped by more than 50%. In a time when there’s a constant barrage of daily emails, incessant group texts, and birthday social media posts, sentiment can get lost in the shuffling. Kindle Book Gift Cards solve this problem by giving recipients a thoughtful, tangible experience of receiving a personalized gift card through USPS mail. Similar to receiving a greeting card with the included gift, users can create the perfect message and make it memorable with a handwritten note.

Until now, when a Kindle book is given away, the recipient receives a very pedestrian email with a redemption link. Kindle Book Gift Cards produce a physical gift card with a customizable front and back that can include a personalized note – as well as a handwritten note. Once fully personalized, the company also sends the card to the buyer.

From weddings to back-to-school, birthdays, romantic gifts, sympathy gifts, or any other everyday occasion, Kindle gift cards can be personalized to match the recipient and the book being given to them.

“Unfortunately, every time I’ve gifted a Kindle book to a loved one, the whole experience is void of fun because it’s just an email with a redeem link. We’ve decided to give back fun giving digital gifts,” said Shawn Harris, CEO of Kindle Books Gift Cards. “Your Kindle book choice is personal, so why should your gift be less? Personally, I love seeing the excitement and joy on a person’s face when they open a tangible gift.”

Harris’ parent company, Opie Productions, has been generating useful products for more than 10 years – including a number of mobile apps, a digital sign-in/sign-out app for childcare, and a way to schools and non-profit organizations to send permission slips. He believes that a physical, personalized gift card with clear printed photos and an accompanying personal note provides an exceptional gifting experience.

“No trips to the grocery store. No wasted time reading a ton of dull greeting cards. And God forbid, who has stamps these days? We thought, if we print and send a physical gift card, why not let users personalize it so it can also be a greeting card for the occasion? Two birds, one stone. adds Harris.

The site also offers personalized gift cards for organizations, providing an easy way to gift multiple copies of a book along with a personalized message for each recipient. Companies, book clubs, associations or even schools can take advantage of the service with a simple order.

The website also offers searchable book suggestions for all age groups. Priced at $6.99, the value is equal to greeting cards that offer the same degree of personalization.

For more information, please visit or email [email protected] for more information.

(Service only available in the United States)


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