Instagram DM template that an influencer uses to showcase brands

  • Influencer Jalyn Baiden often pitches a cold business via direct message or email on Instagram.
  • She earned nearly $20,000 this year and signed deals with companies like Lancôme and GoPuff.
  • She explained how to write a simple DM that can lead to a paid sponsorship deal.

Landing paid brand deals as a new influencer isn’t easy, and instead of waiting for brands to notice, some influencers have crafted pitches to use when contacting companies they want to work with.

Nano influencer Jalyn Baiden, for example, told Insider that she often showcases a cold business on an Instagram direct message or email.

Baiden, who quit her day job in digital marketing last year to pursue content creation full-time, began posting as a skincare influencer in mid-2020. She now has 4,000 followers on Instagram and 8,000 followers on TikTok.

She’s worked with brands like Lancôme and GoPuff on paid partnerships, and her creator business has already earned $19,985 this year, according to documentation she shared with Insider.

She has made money as an influencer through sponsorships, commissioned content for brand accounts, and affiliate marketing.

Here are two of the models Baiden uses to contact brands:

Instagram PM template: Good morning! My name is Jalyn and I’m a content creator from Richmond, Virginia. I’m super interested in a partnership with [brand] and would like to send a collaboration proposal to your marketing team. Could you please give me the correct email contact? Thanks a lot!

Once she has a brand’s email address, she’ll send a note introducing herself and why she’s interested in working with a brand, including any specific product experience. She also asks about the brand’s marketing goals.

The key is to show the value you can add to the brand, not what the brand can do for you,” she said, adding that she always included a media kit.

A media kit, which includes a creator’s engagement rate and audience demographics, acts like a resume of sorts.

In addition to contacting brands directly, she uses the Lumanu and AspireIQ influencer networks to secure paid partnerships.

“So far I’ve earned 40% of my old salary in the last four months,” Baiden said. “It’s crazy to say that out loud.”

Learn more about Baiden’s influence activities below:

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