Invincible fan turns shocking moment into perfect meme template (spoilers)



Disclaimer: This article gets into big spoilers for the latest episode of Invincible, as it deals with a moment that ruins the whole story of the first season when talked about. If you want to experience this madness for yourself, come back after seeing all eight episodes.

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The first season of Invincible just ended, and all fans can talk about how crazy these eight episodes were, as they featured an insane amount of twists and turns that no one could have seen coming. Perhaps the most shocking moment came during the series finale, which saw Mark and his father, Omni-Man, fight.

Anyone who has seen the battle knows it wasn’t even really a fight, as Nolan absolutely decimates his son, throwing him through buildings and using his body to kill an entire train full of people by simply standing in one place for that he plows through them. As the beating comes to a head, you see Omni-Man yelling in frustration at his son, telling him to think about the choice he makes.

While it is indeed a shocking and hard-hitting moment, as you hear Nolan angrily scream at his son’s nearly unconscious body, a fan took it upon himself to transform him into the perfect meme model.

In the post above, you can see this model being born as Omni-Man points his head, while a large number of other similar characters throughout the entertainment are drawn using the exact same format, set to the aria of Electric Light Orchestra by M. Ciel bleu. The video has characters from any video game, movie, or TV show you could think of to piece together at the moment, including Catdog, God of War, and Dragon Ball Z to name a few.

Be sure to tell us which of these hilarious memes were your favorites in the comments section below. If you’re still looking for more posts on Invincible, we’ve got plenty to do in the related content section below.

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