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Five games later, the offense returned to another run designed for Allen. The win this time was a touchdown.

Allen’s action play rigged Isaiah McKenzie on the left, which created a defensive backlash from the Chiefs linebackers on that side. The Bills simultaneously shot left guard Feliciano and left tackle Dion Dawkins down the right side. When watching this video, pay close attention to the incredible two-sided team of right guard Daryl Williams and right tackle Spencer Brown. They crushed Chiefs defensive tackle Jarran Reed and pushed him back three yards as Feliciano and Williams came in from their left positions.

Allen’s action fooled the Chiefs, pulling defenders back in the game as they called for McKenzie. Allen shot through the hole on the virtually unchallenged right for the Bills’ first score of the game, placing them atop 7-3.

In the ensuing kick-off, returner Byron Pringle missed the return with a huge hit from Siran Neal.

The turnover gave the Bills an outstanding field position on the Chiefs’ 34-yard line. An abandoned pass, a stuffed run and a Bills hold penalty on the third and 1 led the Bills to a crucial third and 11 in the field goal range.

Here Allen made a mistake trying to buy time as he pulled out of his pocket and moved to his right. Rather than throwing the ball and playing for a basket, Allen waited too long and found himself in the difficult position of having too much momentum to back down as he went to the ground, making the return impossible. of the ball on the line. scrum as required for a legal throwaway outside of tackling. The idea of ​​throwing the ball was there, but it came too late for Allen, and the intentional takedown penalty moved the offense out of range of the field goal as the Bills were forced to kick.

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