July 23 will be Nevada’s ‘most perfect day’ of 2022, website says


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – Using historical weather data, an online website says Nevada will experience its “most perfect day of the year” later this month.

According to a press release, the website FamilyDestinationsGuide.com analyzed 36 years of weather data across the country to identify the exact day each state can expect to experience the most perfect day of the year.

The analysis, according to the website, was based on the following factors:

  • date with the most expected sunshine;
  • date with the best temperature;
  • the longest day of the year.

As a result of the study, it was determined that the Silver State would see its “most perfect day of the year” on Saturday, July 23.

According to the website, July 23 is an average of the following data: the date with the most predicted sunshine: July 1; the date with the best temperature: September 15; and finally, the longest day of the year: June 21.

The website notes that different places will experience their most perfect days on different dates, such as Arizona, for example, would see its most perfect day on August 4 while Hawaii would experience its most ideal day on August 24.

The website has created an interactive map to show the exact day for each state:

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