Katy Perry’s voting photo turned into meme template as fans don’t hold back


Katy Perry recently took to Instagram to share that she voted for Rick Caruso, but her photo was quickly turned into a hilarious new format for memes by netizens.

Memes have taken over social media, and it’s no surprise that it doesn’t take long for people to turn a random phrase or image into a new format for a meme.

Something similar happened with the photo Katy shared on her Instagram. While the main purpose was to get users to vote, it quickly turned into a meme.

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A look at Katy Perry’s Instagram photo

On November 7, Katy took to Instagram and revealed that she voted for Caruso.

She captioned the image: “🇺🇸I vote for a myriad of reasons (see news) but in particular because LA is a messy ATM.”

The singer also used the hashtag “Allons-y Caruso” and showed her support for the Republican candidate.

Katy Perry’s photo becomes a meme model

One of the images Katy shared on the platform showed the singer giving a thumbs up in front of the voting booth. It didn’t take long for people to make this a meme template, as many edited the image to suit their needs. Some of them can be seen below:

Kanye West’s notebook had a similar experience

A few months ago, Kanye, now called Ye, had a similar experience. It came after he posted a photo in which he was seen holding a notepad.

On the notepad, it was written: “My account is not hacked. 2.13.22. »

This was to let fans know that any content posted on his platform came from him. It didn’t take long for people to turn the photo into a meme. Followers edited the content written on her notebook and started sharing hilarious notes instead.

With Katy’s latest photo having suffered the same fate, it looks like celebrities will have to keep a close eye on what they post online.

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