Keyboard shortcuts for the 14 Notes app for iPad


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The iPad Notes app has several handy keyboard shortcuts that are available in the app when the keyboard is connected to your device.

If you’re a Notes user using an iPad with an external Bluetooth keyboard, keyboard case, or Apple Smart Keyboard, you might find this keyboard’s collection of shortcuts to help with your workflow.

Note that you must use the iPad with a physical keyboard to access the keystrokes listed because the onscreen virtual keyboard does not support these keyboard shortcuts.

Notes keyboard shortcuts for iPad

  • Bold – Command + B
  • Italic – Command + i
  • Underline – Command + U
  • Title – Shift + Command + T
  • Title – Shift + Command + H
  • Frame – Shift + Command + B
  • Checklist – Shift + Command + L.
  • Mark checked – Shift + Command + U
  • Array – Control + Shift + T
  • Insert Right – Command +]
  • Find a note – Command + F
  • Playlist Search – Control + Command + F
  • New Note – Command + N
  • Stop Editing – Command + Return

Also, don’t forget the standard iPad copy, cut, and paste keys in Notes:

  • Command + C to copy
  • Command + X to cut
  • Command + V to paste

Note that you can start some of these keystrokes at any time in Notes, while others require you to select text or an item in Notes to perform an action (such as Copy or Cut).

If you can’t remember all the keyboard shortcuts in Notes, you will see a pop-up screen of keystrokes available in Notes in iPad at any time by holding down the COMMAND key on your external keyboard (this trick works on many other Apple devices apps , including iPad apps).

Many of these keyboard shortcuts are also the same in Mac Notes and other iOS and Mac OS apps, so keep that in mind if you’re using both platforms.

Notes app on iPad has keyboard shortcuts that make typing and typing easier

If you liked these keyboard shortcut tips, you might also want to learn Files app keyboard shortcuts on iPad or iPad Safari keys, or even some keyboard shortcuts.

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