Kokomo man creates website to help Hoosiers find friends


Sept. 7 – A party gone wrong has led to a website that aims to help Hoosiers find friends.

Chaun Farmer, creator of the Hoosier Club, knows it can be hard to make friends in Indiana. After drama stemming from a birthday party left him and his fiancee looking for a new group of friends, he turned to his old hobby, building websites. website.

The website, https://hoosier.club, is similar to a dating website in that users match other people based on the interests listed on their profiles. Users are notified when someone tries to add them, then they can view the profile and decide if they want to be friends.

If users decide to meet up, they can message each other and, if they look like they might be friends, possibly set up a meeting.

However, Farmer notes that the website is not intended to help people find romantic partners. The website has a “100% no-dating rule” and Farmer said users can potentially be banned from the site if they abuse it.

“If you have a group of people who are going after other people, they won’t want to use it,” Farmer said.

When Farmer first bought the website script, he explained, it was for a dating site. He has changed most aspects of dating, but still wants to make some adjustments. For example, he would like to change a requirement that requires people to enter their height.

The website also allows users to filter by distance.

“I personally don’t want to talk to anyone for more than an hour,” Farmer said. “I can drive an hour to go out with someone, but not more than that, it’s a bit complicated.”

Farmer said he has already made friends using the website, which was launched in May. There were over 200 users when it was last checked.

His first website was created in 2009. Farmer explained that he got into the hobby when the content creator behind a popular animation YouTube account showed him how to create sites. website.

“I started a forum and ended up getting about 100 members and I thought that was the coolest thing ever,” Farmer said. “It’s become addictive. Just the fact that you can bring people together for anything.”

From forums, he moved on to websites focused on anything that interested him. Farmer estimated that he had created several hundred websites since he learned how to build one.

Now, says Farmer, he’s able to build a website in hours.

“I cut back a lot,” Farmer said. “I don’t do websites at all, surprisingly.”

He currently runs 20 websites, including a gaming social media site, a Virginia tattoo shop website, a website for web developers, and several websites for tabletop, card, and video games. ‘he created.

“The goal is to create, I guess, the best way to find friends for Indiana,” Farmer said of the Hoosier Club. “I need friends and I found out that a lot of other people need friends.”

He added that although there is a VIP account option, he does not expect to make a profit from the website and has made using the website free. It seemed like a fun thing to create.

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