Lamar Jackson and Ravens could provide a role model for how Matt Nagy uses Justin Fields


The NFL is a league of copiers. Yeah, that’s cliché like hell. But something wouldn’t become cliché if there wasn’t a bit of truth in it. Therefore, you hear about NFL coaches hooking up with each other every year.

In the interests of fairness, the Bears haven’t been the best to copy over the years. But more recently, Chicago’s attempts to execute an offense like Andy Reid’s in Kansas City have largely failed. We can point out training, talent (or lack thereof) in certain skill positions, offensive online play, quarterback and executions to explain the reasons why it hasn’t worked until now. HOWEVER… it doesn’t have to be like this forever. In fact, the Bears’ path to a successful offense could be paved by another former Reid assistant with a dynamic young quarterback.

John Harbaugh rolls Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Since Jackson replaced injured Joe Flacco in 2018, the Ravens have won 31 of the 39 games he started. Jackson won Pro Bowl, All-Pro First Team and MVP honors in 2019. A year later, Jackson and the Ravens went to a second straight postseason and earned a playoff victory over the Titans.

Certainly, I am wary of doing a one-for-one composition for Justin Fields and Lamar Jackson. That sort of thing would be unfair. But I can’t help but see what offensive coordinator Greg Roman did with Jackson to direct his offense.

And this snapshot of the parts might be worth keeping for Nagy in the future:

In the end, I can’t get this thought shaking in my head away. A former assistant to Andy Reid going in the wrong direction until a young quarterback changes the dynamics of his attack and turns the fortunes of the franchise around? It sounds strangely familiar. And frankly, that sounds like the kind of plan the Bears would follow wouldn’t bother me.

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