Little Miss Notes app takes over Instagram with Mr Men memes



If you’ve been on Instagram this week, you’ve probably seen everyone sharing Little Miss and Mr Men memes.

The trend, which sees people creating their own Little Miss or Mr Men character by adding a fun caption, went viral in July.

All you have to do is take a character from Mr Men or Little Miss, like Little Miss Sunshine or Mr Nosy and add a hilarious caption that relates to your life in some way.

It is based on English author Roger Hargreaves’ children’s books and some fun examples are “Little Miss Afraid of Intimacy”, “Mr Vape” and “Little Miss Hits Curbs”.

Many create their own personas using an editing app, but if you don’t mind, one Instagram user has taken over Instagram with loads of memes to share…

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Little Miss Notes app takes over Instagram

An Instagram user called @littlemissnotesapp rose to internet fame after sharing numerous Little Miss and Mr Men memes.

She only started posting less than two weeks ago, on July 11, and has already racked up 1.8 million followers on her profile.

Her name is Nicole, but she’s not the one who creates all the memes. She has started creating some of her own, but credits an Instagram user called @juulpuppy in her highlights with the origin of the format.

She also credited a TikTok user called @starbucksslayqueen for creating many Little Miss memes that she shared.

Some of Little Miss’ funny memes on her profile include “Little Miss Scalding Hot Showers”, “Little Miss Addicted To Piercings”, and “Little Miss Sleeps With Makeup On”.

She also uploaded a few Mr Men memes, such as “Mr Don’t Drink Water” and “Mr Aspiring Musician”. However, her account is mostly dedicated to Little Miss memes.

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How to share on your Instagram story

If you see a meme that concerns you on Nicole’s account, it’s very easy to share it in your Story:

  • Tap the paper plane icon.
  • Tap “Add a post to your story”.

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The Little Miss meme trend explained

The Viral Trend is based on a series of children’s books written by English author Roger Hargreaves.

Launched in 1971, the Mr Men books are simple, humorous stories and each is based on a different character with a specific emotion or attribute.

For example, some of the Mr Men books are Mr Nosy, Mr Tickle, Mr Bump and Mr Silly – and they have sold over 85 million copies worldwide in 20 languages.

A decade later, in 1981, he then launched an accompanying series called Little Miss which uses female characters like Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Bossy and Little Miss Giggles.

Roger Hargreaves sadly died in 1998 aged just 53 from a stroke, but his son Adam continued the show after his death.

The viral trend uses photos of the original Mr Men and Little Miss characters, but sees people adding their own funny names.

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