If you are employed with a fixed-term contract and now you need money urgently, do not worry.

Whether you have just started working or have been working for a long time and your employer does not report you permanently, this can be very serious for your finances. Even though you get a regular monthly salary, costs often go up above what you can pay.

Leaving tails and unpaid bills every month only increases your debts. Because you are not signed up for a full time bank, you are automatically unable to take any loans. One of the main prerequisites for getting a loan is your permanent contract.

You do not have to be registered with us permanently!


The minimum credit terms we set for our clients allow them to make money in just a few steps in one day. Aware of the fact that it can take up to several years to get a permanent contract, we have decided to provide all potential clients with a new service called loans for fixed-term employees .

Conditions for obtaining a loan are minimal and you can see them in your loan application. In just a few minutes, with basic documentation, you have the opportunity to claim the amount of money you need to pay off. These are suitable loans for young people as well as for retirees.

Loans for fixed-term employees in dollars


Our services are short-term, so this service is also short-term. Depending on the amount of loan you need, you have the option to ask for money for a monthly repayment period. With each loan, there are certain costs that are accrued in the monthly installment when returning the money.

Loans for fixed-term employees are completely legal

We operate clean, fraud-free and completely legal. Appreciating your money and choosing us to help you, we strive for mutual cooperation. In order to assist you as soon as possible, our staff will start processing your loan application immediately upon receipt.

Part-time employee loans come with an upfront cost that you can find out even before opting for our services. With no hiding or small letters, we provide maximum transparent and discreet loans to fixed-term employees.

Payment of credit through the account

Payment of credit through the account

All adults who have regular monthly earnings can apply for our loans. Whether you work for a fixed or indefinite period, you have the option of earning money in one day.

We do not pay out our hands! We operate professionally and through accounts. If your request is approved, your credit will be paid directly into the current account of the bank where you have the income, so that the account may not be blocked.

Don’t worry because you work for a certain amount

Although you are employed on a specific basis, we do not share and each employee is equal. With equal rights and terms of business, apply for a loan with us no matter how busy you are. Paying money quickly will help you get rid of your costs as soon as possible.

Part-time employee loans can be requested from all over Croatia as soon as you feel the need for help. Contact us with complete confidence via your computer, tablet or smartphone and see why we are leading the market!